Medicate Sentence Examples | Use Medicate in a sentence you allergic to any Medicate?

2.they started out with a lot of talk about Medicate and medicare.

3.he was one of many to Medicate their stress and worries away with pharmaceuticals., another way we try to increase our happiness is we Medicate ourselves.

5.i know i'm probably talking through my hat, but still: let's not be so fast to pathologize and Medicate every human variation.

6.the application of apriori algorithm in clinic Medicate subsystem of emr

7.the rest, if they do anything at all other than make the lives of intimates dank, will self-Medicate.

8.the doctor said that there was no need to Medicate my pain, that it was just a hematoma and that the pain would go away by itself.

9.women are twice as likely to suffer from depression and anxiety as men ─ and are far more likely to Medicate those conditions with alcohol.

10.this would prompt a major humanitarian intervention as the world would have to help feed, Medicate, and rebuild a society of more than 22m that has faced poverty and near-starvation for decades. solve the problems that firstly sucking medicine from an ampoule or a sealed bottle with injector then put into liquid to bring about low working effect and medicine contaminated easily, we developed a liquid Medicate equipment.

12.that you'd Medicate the hell out of me.

13.first, it's possible that people already prone to hallucinations turn to caffeine as a way to self-Medicate.

14."she said, 'listen, you're going to have to learn to meditate and not Medicate, '" williams said. rinse or Medicate ( the mouth or throat) by gargling. objective: to develop a hplc method for determination of tinidazole and chlorhexidine acetate in co-tinidazole gargle.

16.clinical physician and pharmacist should be stand together to establish a long-term and effective therapeutic schedule using the therapeutic drug monitoring technology to maximumly assure the Medicate safe, effective and economical.

17.a small, flat absorbent pad used to Medicate, drain, or protect a wound or sore.

18.not everything is something that you can Medicate, claire!

19.methods clinical treatment effect of injection edaravone was evaluated through treatment effectiveness evaluation with standard Medicate, voluminal contrast of infarction and hemorrhagic focus on ct or mr images, and barthel exponent contrast.

20.but, see, that only shows how ignorant he was about my family; a gilbert might very well not Medicate a kidney disease, seeing that we're a family who regard any sickness as a sign of personal, ethical, moral failure.'ve insisted we Medicate him without psycho therapy.

22.depression and anxiety are big reasons people self Medicate and they don't realize why they are doing it.

23.alcohol is a crutch which we use to Medicate ourselves.