medicare Sentence Examples | Use medicare in a sentence

1.the services available under traditional medicare and medicaid (for the elderly and the poor respectively) would also have to be rationed.

2.the ohio medical association, with ten thousand physician members, declared that it would boycott medicare, and a nationwide movement began.

3.keep in mind that the government, medicare, and other programs are not going to take care of you as much as you think. fact, medicare would be broke by 2017 - and that the only way to keep it solvent was to 'control runaway growth' in health-care spending.

5.the most straightforward would be a gradual slowing in the rate of growth of benefits in the social security and medicare programmes.

6.medicare, where the same people who screamed about death panels are now trying to dismantle the whole program, was the most obvious.

7."by the time i wake up, i'll have an email from aarp asking me to call president obama and tell him to protect medicare, " he quipped.

8.a number of people have pointed out that this is a bit funny coming from a party that tried to block medicare's creation. may be appropriate to accept assignment on a medicare claim or not pursue a copayment or deductible on an indemnity claim.'re setting up a new health-care program that grows at 8 percent a year by promising to cut the one [medicare] that you haven't fixed.