Medicament Sentence Examples | Use Medicament in a sentence this thesis, effects of bagging in pre-harvest and Medicament treatments in postharvest on postharvest storage property of lizao jujube were studied.

2.acid mucopolysaccharides have immense applied value in foodstuff, Medicament, cosmetic and so on; so it is practically significant to research and determine acid mucopolysaccharides.

3.effect of negative pressure with Medicament immersion seeds on hot pepper seedling stage viral disease management

4.usage: the product are widely used in paint, printing ink, plastics, coating, enamel, glass, electronic, cosmetic, Medicament, and food etc.

5.conclusion: safflower injection is a fine Medicament in the treatment of coronary heart disease and angina pectoris or myocardial ischemia.

6.comparison and application of the determination method of folic acid in Medicament and foods by bioassay and hplc

7.dmpu can resolve many kinds of Medicament, it is nearly no toxicity to human body, can meet above requirement, so it is used as Medicament dressing.

8.the invention is also directed to the use of at least one of said fusion proteins for the manufacture of a Medicament.

9.application of ultrasonic technology in development and research of Medicament

10.menaquinone ( vitamin k_2) is a high efficiency counteractant bleeding Medicament. on the application of polyoxometalates nanoparticles in Medicament and protein analysis

12.investigation and Medicament prevention on stem rot disease of crocus sativus on control effect of different Medicament on tomato gray mold

14.decitabine is the most common Medicament used to reduce the level of methylation. is one of the important equipment in the laboratory of the modern-medicine, Medicament, biochemistry, agriculture, food factory.

16.must guarantee using correct Medicament to avoid pollution or damage to the membrane. on control effects of different Medicament on rhynchophorus ferrugineus fabricius

18.the following emphasis of industries is to develop it& electron, biological Medicament, equipment manufacture, and fine chemical industries.

19.disclosed is a uniquely configured Medicament vial assembly which includes a storage vial, a stopper member and a securing ring. severe event of asthma and obvious side effect of the Medicament were recorded in all the children.

21.effects of common seed soaking Medicament on seed vigor and membrane permeability for hybrid japonica

22.the influence of Medicament type and density to poplar strengthening effect on advancing growth and rejuvenation of ossified eel when adding Medicament such as hormones in feed

24.the utility model relates to packing machinery for Medicament, which is composed of a vibration mechanism, a control mechanism, a machine body, a stuffing-box, etc.

25.the invention relates to a traditional chinese medicine preparation, namely a powder Medicament for curing chronic otitis media. may be used in biological analysis, Medicament design and development, solar cell, optical disc photosensitization and other fields.

27.the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory Medicament which takes the breen as the representative is a common antipyretic analgesic Medicament.

28.tea polyphenols, a new natural antioxidant, has important application in food industry, Medicament and chemical products for daily use. allusion to the slurry system, the kind and proportion of Medicament is different.

30.we would like to provide the new technique and relevant Medicament. can be widely used in food, drink, Medicament, cosmetics industry and so on.

32.facing to the intensive competition both in home and abroad, the pharmacy in hebei needs innovation in structure, technique and Medicament.

33.welding agent is a kind of Medicament that is used to help welding, and improve quality.

34.conclusion transcranial color doppler has great clinical value for the diagnosis, classify, the use of Medicament and the value of the curative effect. inquire whether directly the better Medicament the stimulating effect on the skin and eye mucous membrane or not.

36.taurine is widely used in food additive, Medicament, detergent, etc. was considered a spice and a Medicament, and as late as the 14th century, a pound of sugar in europe cost as much as two pigs.

38.suitable for manufacturing of electron semiconductors, atom force research, Medicament, precision instrument, toiletry ect.