Medically Sentence Examples | Use Medically in a sentence

1.the questions and tests used in this process have never been rigorously evaluated for their intertester reliability in first contact clinicians who are not Medically trained.

2.the nurses have to be Medically screened, of course.

3.give newborn infants no food or drink other than breast milk unless Medically indicated.

4.can my child be Medically examined without my consent? the late1940s the world health organisation challenged this physically and Medically oriented view of health.

6.the most common Medically unexplained ones are fatigue, back pain, headache and abdominal pain, doctors say.'s Medically impossible, right?

8.this is why it's an excellent model system for exploring such Medically relevant issues as alzheimer's disease, alcoholism, and addiction.

9.obesity is a very difficult condition to treat Medically.

10.if we consider it necessary, we may ask your permission to contact your doctor or for you to be independently Medically examined.

11.the diet delivers a few hundred calories a day through shakes and claims to be a Medically supervised plan.

12.parents often have little choice with respect to the way their child is Medically treated

13.quality. health facilities, goods and services must be scientifically and Medically appropriate and of good quality.

14.after registration, newly arrived somali refugees in the dadaab camps are Medically screened and vaccinated.

15.a proteolytic enzyme produced by hemolytic streptococci, capable of dissolving fibrin and used Medically to dissolve blood clots.

16.the accident has had a serious impact on mental health and well-being in the general population, mainly at a sub-clinical level that has not generally resulted in Medically diagnosed disorders.

17.he's been out for so long it would be unlikely i would use him, but Medically speaking he is physically fit to be selected.

18.buying salt for its iodine content is 'totally totally unfounded, both scientifically and Medically, ' he said.

19.the real value, Medically and financially, therefore lies in the proteins.

20.some plants keep all of the Medically important ingredients in their roots. member of the team was Medically qualified and its methods were considered totally unscientific.

22.however, now that richard is over 18 his parents have no legal authority to Medically help him and he leaves school to go live on his own.

23."once we figured out Medically that there is nothing wrong with her, it's ok with me, " he said. "i don't mind the voice at all. "

24.babies in neonatal intensive care frequently are born with Medically challenging birth defects. could also be linked to the user's body to provide up-to-date information on glucose or lactate levels, which could prove Medically important.

26.seafarers shall not work on a ship unless they are certified as Medically fit to perform their duties.

27.most surgeons delegated this task to young colleagues or even to persons who had not been Medically trained.

28.the hippocampal sclerosis is the most common neuropathologic finding in patients with Medically refractory tle.

29.that's important because breeding could dilute the qualities that make a pig Medically useful. can be Medically examined to support your statement.

31.if independent doctors deem him to be malingering, he should be dragged to court. if he is Medically unfit, the trial should be postponed.

32.Medically, the condition is called x-linked severe combined immunodeficiency ( x-scid). in ten four-year-olds are also Medically classified as obese.

34.the Medically recommended units of alcohol for men is more than for women.

35.encounters of this kind have revealed to me the consequences of Medically underserved communities.

36.i've read that it's a bad thing, Medically, when a wart suddenly changes appearance.

37.Medically unexplained symptoms are strikingly common.

38.those were a Medically certifiable illness or a death in the student's immediate family.

39.for a few days this august, much of the news media in the west became convinced that we were headed back to the 1800s, Medically speaking.

40.if you experience severe or bad moods, you may have a biochemical imbalance that can and should be treated Medically.