Medical Sentence Examples | Use Medical in a sentence

1.following a day of Medical research, the conference focused on educational practices.

2.only now have doctors, and allied Medical professionals, come to appreciate this.

3.senile plaques: all referred to as "senile pigment spot, " also known as Medical seborrheic .

4.we have had to contend with the disinterest of much of the Medical profession about this topic.

5.the attitude of the Medical profession is very much more liberal now. Medical professionalism the doctor's responsibility is always to put patient's interest in the first place.

7.the result will go on your Medical records.

8.the only light in her room is coming from a piece of Medical equipment, which is flashing its red light as if in warning.

9.not really. i took five years of Medical education but i had never been a doctor in practice.

10.several police officers received Medical treatment for cuts and bruises.

11.this brings the law into line with most Medical opinion.

12.she is demanding reimbursement for Medical and other expenses

13.many of these ideas are now being incorporated into orthodox Medical treatment.

14.Medical treatment was sometimes given to children without parental consent

15.current thinking holds that obesity is more a Medical than a psychological problem

16.the ship was designed to provide Medical treatment for military personnel in the war zone, in particular in an amphibious assault operation.

17.Medical facilities are being reorganized and upgraded. after another, people described how hard it is for them to get Medical care.

19.they inflated clients 'Medical treatment to defraud insurance companies

20.the first planeloads of food, children's clothing and Medical supplies began arriving. present, china is carrying on the Medical insurance system reform, but the question of expense control is also the key point of it.

22.the utility model relates to a Medical appliance, particularly a pair of tweezers used in the process of a bone transplantation operation.

23.he was one of the founders of the university's Medical faculty.

24.the Medical system is facing collapse because of an exodus of doctors.

25.she will need Medical help and counselling to overcome the tragedy could inhibit the poor from getting the Medical care they need

27.objective to come out with a workable means of risk control of Medical electrical equipment.

28.the case baffles the skill of our most experienced Medical men.

29.she described the distribution of food and Medical supplies as a logistical nightmare.

30.recent Medical studies confirm the efficacy of a healthier lifestyle.

31.digging further into the Medical literature, i found out there was a scientific explanation for all this

32.he was woken up for a brief spell on monday and was able to speak to Medical staff and his family.

33.refugee workers said such action was a violation of Medical ethics.

34.he is here for Medical check-ups and debriefing by state department officials.

35.these items are not covered by your Medical insurance

36.he was one of newcastle's most distinguished Medical men, a world authority on heart-diseases.

37.mcgregor must remain confined, on the basis of the Medical reports we have received

38.the operation was a marvel of Medical skill.

39.the orphanage could not provide the Medical care needed to save her life, so mrs. mccain brought the child home to america with her.

40.we're in bad need of Medical workers, especially surgeons.