Medic Sentence Examples | Use Medic in a sentence they told me to scout, i met a Medic, the overmind told me to attack, but i thought she was nice.

2.we need backup and a Medic asap. they get healed by the Medic?

4.myself and my staff did not have control over Medical issues or the work of the club Medic and his athletic coach.

5.i need a paraMedic! who here's a Medic?

6.please tell me he's not the new Medic.

7.the platoon Medic can reinforce squads who lose their Medic when in the attack, and sometimes in the defense.

8.i waited in the clearing for two hours with a wounded Medic.

9.i was a Medic in the army.

10.this sort of project is unusual, says nick Medic from the british wind energy association.

11.she is a Medic, remedies ailment ailment, also lets this profession be chaster.

12.the Medic moves sleightly faster and does not get interrupted during revives or curing infections.

13.i donned a baggy shirt, goofy pants, a green wig, and makeup, transforming myself from a Medic into a clown.

14.the Medic said gibbs taunted him for refusing to do the amputation.

15.the Medic asked those who had not had their physical examination to stand out.

16.a holy field Medic, these padres roam the battlefield curing the wounds of fallen comrades.

17.besides, sometimes a young field Medic needs his surgeon around. might be a Medic on an expedition, an interpreter at a field base or a project manager working with a group of 17- to 24-year-olds.

19.can a Medic heal a unit within the bunker?

20.this can be countered by using the field dressing or by finding a Medic with a Medical aid bag.

21.a woman faints in the arms of a Medic in an emergency clinic in petionville in port-au-prince.

22."you've got a reason to be scared. " she urged him to be calm, but all around her, colleagues were running to summon fire and Medic crews.

23.a navy Medic was wounded by sniper fire. don't wanna go, and you yell Medic?, in peace time, it is not clear under how much government pressure the Medic has speaking.

26.para-Medic: you could say that. it was like an irresistible force - at that point, i was completely swept away.

27.i hear the Medic say, mom, i will die in a very short time

28.see the Medic, go home. – no, i'm fine.

29.and get a Medic up here now!

30.i will call Medic to bring you to headquarters. shouid take her to the Medic and check that arm.'re our temporary Medic until the doctor returns. other child who was seriously wounded could not be saved even though a Medic spent 20 minutes trying to revive him.

34.when the red team rushes out of their spawn, a Medic can be seen running with a syringe gun equipped.

35.sir, i'm going to get a Medic. a Medic, using the transfer supplies ability, give the last of your supplies away.

37.all backup teams move in. i need a Medic.