Mediatory Sentence Examples | Use Mediatory in a sentence

1.there has been Mediatory tradition since ancient times in our country, and this kind of tradition has been extended for thousands of years, until today., in medical practice, can the Mediatory role of morals be brought about so as to harmonize the doctor-patient relationship ?

3.the video shot by hamas militants was delivered to israel through the efforts of egyptian and german Mediatory . is inclusive in its Mediatory role.

5.the Mediatory effects of pneumococcal surface proteins on the adherence of bacteria to host cell in vitro

6.the constitution of Mediatory acceptance of bribe has always been a problem at issue.

7.the legislation of the crime of Mediatory acceptance of bribe needs reconsideration.

8.the understand and apply on the crime of Mediatory acceptance of bribes

9.certified public accountant (cpa) is one of the most important parts among all kinds of Mediatory agencies.

10.a few remain sympathetic to the call from the quartet, the international umbrella of middle east Mediatory, to return to negotiations.

11.on the balance between moral and enforcement elements in laws of nationalities: taking miao Mediatory words in qiandongnan as research approaches

12.analysis of some issues about crime of Mediatory acceptance of bribe, if we want to make the relation between achievement goal orientations and help-seeking styles clearer, we need to look at the Mediatory effect of students 'attitudes about help-seeking between achievement goal orientations and their specific types of help seeking.

14.the paper, taking as the fundamental material the existing Mediatory words in southeast guizhou, explores the form and the method of settling the miao people's disputes in the state of no written words.

15.mediation played a great role in china's history, that we could understand the overview of traditional legal culture of by its Mediatory tradition.

16.secondly, it was testified that employee cynicism play the Mediatory role between abusive supervision and. organizational citizenship behavior.

17.will china play a Mediatory role in the current crisis in libya?