Mediator Sentence Examples | Use Mediator in a sentence friend found a mysterious tape which was stolen from her Mediator of marriage.

2.communication is a base of understanding and knowing another and i do not want a Mediator between us.

3.the use of a solicitor trained as a Mediator would obviate the need for independent legal advice

4.heathcliff wants to see catherine again and refuses to let ellen leave until she agrees to act as Mediator.

5.perhaps it was my mistake in thinking you had the characteristics of a skilled Mediator.

6.who will act as Mediator in the dispute. addition, it can be extended by writing a custom Mediator. this use case the Mediator facilitates the communication between the two systems via their system interfaces.

9.the lowest layer in the architecture is the Mediator layer which performs the data access with the repository.

10.mother acts as a Mediator when john and jim quarrel.

11.however, at least one column of any table or view must be identified to the jdbc data Mediator service as the "primary key. " role is to act as a Mediator between employees and management.

13.christ is our Mediator, our intercessor, our advocate.

14.this Mediator would have to be equal with god, and yet condescending enough to touch an unworthy sinner.

15.Mediator pattern is usually used in the case of interaction of more than one object.

16.suleiman, egypt's intelligence chief since 1993, has been a frequent visitor to israel and a Mediator in its conflict with the palestinians.

17.the synchronous request connection between the originating system interface and the Mediator is then closed.

18.histamine was considered the primary Mediator of inflammatory vascular responses.

19.go and act as a Mediator in their endless argument.

20.japan will serve as Mediator counseling, administering negotiations, and balancing the powers to maintain peace.

21.the Mediator layer accepts and returns sdo data graphs. starts with creating an enterprise application containing an ejb that will play the role of a Mediator.

23.par-2 is an important Mediator in innate immune and plays a role in propagation of pro-inflammation response.

24.he always takes the role of a Mediator in any dispute.

25.their "meeting Mediator" measures how much time four people in two separate locations participating in an audio conference spend talking. the worst cases, a colleague or Mediator can help.

27.the inhibitory effects of endogenous glucocorticoid on vascular inflammation histamine was considered the primary Mediator of inflammatory vascular responses. the case of peer-to-peer topology there is no notion of a Mediator service.

29.some students move into a related career track as a contract negotiator or Mediator, while others gravitate to a more traditional hr track.

30.on holiday, i tend to become a Mediator for this mother and son.

31.psychological empowerment was a Mediator in the relationship between benevolence leadership and job involvement.

32.this leaves a former un secretary-general, kofi annan, as the sole plausible Mediator.

33.with such a technology, fuel could be produced directly from the sun, rather than through a plant Mediator, such as corn. obama played the role of Mediator.

35.i offered to act as Mediator and tried to bring about a reconciliation between the two parties.

36.although predicted, employment status did not function as a Mediator in this model, while living arrangements did.

37.but a ceasefire needs a Mediator.

38.the jdbc data Mediator service provides a metadata api to specify this object-to-relational mapping.

39.that is, a service specification is a Mediator or contract between what consumers need and what providers provide. an informal process facilitated by an experienced Mediator which aims to help the parties reach their own resolution to the dispute.