Mediated Sentence Examples | Use Mediated in a sentence

1.objective: to investigate the protective effect of calcitonin gene-related peptide on et-1 Mediated injury of human hepatocyte.

2.the un has Mediated the ceasefire.

3.this most visceral and ritual of actions tends to be Mediated through a flimsy, poorly conceived amalgam of shapes. is of great significance to understand the mechanism of cationic liposome-Mediated gene delivery.

5.egypt has Mediated talks between hamas and israel in the past. date, no causal sequence variants have been identified, and risk seems to be Mediated through effects on gene regulation.

7.she works speaks the fact, to speak the truth, speaks the law, reasonable also legitimately Mediated the massive family quarrel.

8.un peacekeepers Mediated a new ceasefire.

9.transcriptional control Mediated by cleansing of short sequences from gene regulatory regions.

10.conclusion physiologic irritant peptone Mediated gastric adaptive cytoprotection.

11.the army leaders have Mediated peace. recombination technique Mediated by cre/ loxp system quantum chromodynamics (qcd), hadronic matter is composed of quarks, and interactions between them are Mediated by eight massless gluons.

14.but some components are certainly Mediated by platelet activation.

15.analysis the mechanism of antisense transgene Mediated gene silencing;

16.abstract the cardioprotective effects of estrogen are Mediated by receptors expressed in vascular cells.

17.the cardioprotective effects of ipc were Mediated through erk1/ 2-mapk signal transduction pathway.

18.the antibacterial effects of polymorphonuclear neutrophils(pmns) might be Mediated by phagosomes or neutrophil extracellular traps.

19.they Mediated the settlement between labour and management.

20.the vatican successfully Mediated in a territorial dispute between argentina and chile in 1984

21.agrobacterium-Mediated transformation has been used worldwide for introducing foreign genes into different potato cultivars.

22.turkey for more than a year has Mediated between tel aviv and damascus. but efforts collapsed with the israeli attack on gaza. recent years, gene trapping Mediated by t-dna has provided a powerful tool to isolate and identify genes.

24.the effects appear to be Mediated via preservation of neurotrophic and endothelial factor expression.

25.turkey for more than a year has Mediated between tel aviv and damascus.

26.the effects of steroids that are Mediated by the modulation of gene expression are known to occur with a time lag of hours or even days.

27.people's responses to us have been Mediated by their past experience of life.

28.objective to investigate the role of cell Mediated immunity in hbv infection. on gene transfer Mediated by recombinant retrovirus-spermatogonial stem cells

30.instead, the virus required cell activation for replication and Mediated cell fusion of t lymphocytes.

31.he Mediated in a salary dispute between the union and the management. mom was the one who Mediated between zelda and her mom

33.united nations officials have Mediated a series of peace meetings between the two sides

34.the dramatic effect of cd-rom on online end-user searching and the negligible effect on Mediated searching was reported in an earlier study.

35.why should my relationships be Mediated through the imagination of a bunch of supergeeks in california? what was wrong with the pub?

36.the effect was thought to be Mediated via trabecular meshwork glucocorticoid receptors.

37.transformation of barnase and iaam gene in citrus Mediated by agrobacterium tumefaciens

38.the cause is unknown, but it may be Mediated by the immune system. is a signal Mediated process, which needs energy and the participation of soluble factors.