Meddled Sentence Examples | Use Meddled in a sentence

1.and the portuguese chief says he would quit if abramovich Meddled with his backroom team.

2.the program is constantly being Meddled with at present.

3.alexander thinks he understands this game and Meddled with something that was at least starting to produce results.

4.the gifts of charity Meddled with a gentleman's private affair.

5.for u.s., latin america has always been considered to be her traditional sphere of influence and not been Meddled by others, so controling latin america becomes the first step of making global strategies of the united states.

6.he has Meddled with good policies and failed to stop bad ones, such as the attempt to roll back the privatisation of the postal system.

7.south china sea, china's original territory, has been coveted and Meddled in frequently by some countries because of its important economic and strategic values in recent years. has Meddled in nepal's politics, and in the early stages of sri lanka's civil war it backed tamil guerrillas.

9.someone has Meddled with the photographs i laid out so carefully.

10.she went back to her homeland to nurse an ailing mother and unwittingly Meddled with politics.

11.prior to jabba the hutt's ascent to the head of the desilijic clan, xizor Meddled into the internal politics of the hutt heirarchy.

12.long misgoverned, it was Meddled in by the united states, often with the best of intentions but the worst of outcomes. was also a time when gods picked favorites and Meddled in the affairs of tribes and nations, and great men were born great.

14.the investigation comes as opposition politicians say prime minister naoto kan's office appeared to have Meddled in the recovery operation.

15.the house judiciary committee is calling on him to testify about whether the white house improperly Meddled with the justice department.

16.he Meddled in this matter.

17.he Meddled continually with business, with the result that the private sector is howling about red tape.

18.saudi leaders, who have long Meddled in yemeni politics, were largely quiet on sunday about their efforts to enable political change in yemen.

19.the beginning of strife [is as] when one letteth out water: therefore leave off contention, before it be Meddled with.