Mazy Sentence Examples | Use Mazy in a sentence

1.the home furnishing chain's Mazy layouts are a psychological weapon to part shoppers from their cash, an expert in store design claims.

2.a merry road, a Mazy road, and such as we did tread.

3.five miles meandering with a Mazy motion

4.they are puzzling through the Mazy new rules of the game.

5.the classy centre-back went on a Mazy run from his own half and linked up well with andrea dossena before finding dirk kuyt to score the equaliser.

6.the car put on speed and soon pulled Mazy from the other vehicles.

7.sequencing combined beam and Mazy type multipass reflector've talked about diego maradona being your football inspiration, and being agog as a seven-year-old at the famous Mazy dribble he scored against england.

9.sleepless, i carved on the walls fantastic figures in Mazy bewildering lines& winged horses, flowers with human faces, women with limbs like serpents.

10.the goal was fitting in that it started with a long, Mazy run from navas, and was assisted by fabregas from an advanced midfield position.

11.through what Mazy depth of gloom, and study of the Mazy intake resonance electronic control valve