Mazurka Sentence Examples | Use Mazurka in a sentence

1.thirdly, mainly describe the historical development of Mazurka, analyze the characters of Mazurka combined with composers such as chopin.

2.they are popular for their wide range of different musical pieces: from traditional chorals to marches, polka and Mazurka.

3.pass stool: mozart's "minuet, " chopin "Mazurka. "

4.this paper is based on Mazurka. according to the folk origins and the development course of Mazurka, this paper explores the characteristics and the significance of the Mazurka piano music works.

5.his waltz is not so important as polonaise and Mazurka originating from poland ethnic music forms.

6.the first 26 preludes almost have all his types, such as etude, Mazurka, notturno etc, .

7.the third movement : minuet, allegro, d-by double-trilogy written with Mazurka style, faster, lively image.

8.the poem music with poland spirit--analysis of chopin's Mazurka

9.Mazurka for piano in b flat major b

10.analysis on the artistic feature of Mazurka by chopin