Maximum Sentence Examples | Use Maximum in a sentence

1.china headed the table with Maximum points.

2.the author extracts the Maximum from every carefully-crafted scene in this witty tale.

3.the Maximum number of marks for the subject is 100.

4.for Maximum benefit, use your treatment every day.

5.the car has a Maximum speed of 120 kilometres an hour.

6.make Maximum use of the whole fruit, including the pulp which is high in fibre.

7.that means Maximum optimization in just a minute or two most of the time!

8.economics of law is on his way and brings forward many valuable countermeasures from the aspect of benefit's Maximum.

9.the rebels tunnelled out of a Maximum security jail

10.principal shall be elected from members of sb. the tenure of the post is two years, with a Maximum of two terms for the same office.

11.the result of experience shows that this kind of arithmetic is remarkably improved compared with current Maximum matching arithmetic.

12.the results indicate that the Maximum entropy pdf is simple and the parameters are easy to be determined from the observed data.

13.what's the Maximum amount of wine you're allowed to take through customs duty-free?

14.the french, i believe, restrict japanese imports to a Maximum of 3 per cent of their market.

15.vijg noted that since the drug did not extend the Maximum life span of fat mice, it would be surprising if it did so with lean mice.

16.the shoulder roll is at its Maximum angle so that left arm adduction occurs on a stable base.

17.once it had decided on a cease-fire out of military necessity, it was ready to extract the Maximum aid from us.

18.a partial solar ( lunar) eclipse goes through three phases: the first contact, the Maximum phase, and the last contact. was achieved with minimum fuss and Maximum efficiency.

20.the offences carry a Maximum sentence of 10 years.

21.this "solar minimum" doesn't last long. within a year, the spots and storms begin to build towards a new crescendo, the next solar Maximum.

22.we need an extra 6g a day Maximum. are for getting people from a to b in Maximum safety.

24.the knowledge about uncertainty of supply chain has been used to analyze the factors and reasons that affected the Maximum of value.

25.the speed limit is 40 miles an hour. don't exceed this Maximum.

26.the most recent solar eruption is one of the first signs that the sun is waking up and heading toward another Maximum.

27.this determines how much effectiveness the unit loses due to combat, how quickly it regains it afterwards, and its Maximum effectiveness.

28.the Maximum penalty is up to 7 years imprisonment or an unlimited fine. have to develop your capabilities to the Maximum.

30.both face Maximum forfeitures of about$ 1.2 million.

31.under planning law the Maximum height for a fence or hedge is 2 metres

32.dry curly hair naturally for Maximum curl and shine.

33.defrost the fridge regularly so that it works at Maximum efficiency. minimize collateral damage Maximum precision in bombing was required.

35.we want the Maximum number of people to attend to help us cover our costs.

36.he sought to extract the Maximum political advantage from the cut in interest rates

37.when a surface is perpendicular to the rays, their intensity is at its Maximum.