Maturate Sentence Examples | Use Maturate in a sentence

1.the present paper reports schistosome can Maturate and oviposit in apodemus agrarius infected the parasite primarily.

2.the key is if the consciousness was Maturate;

3.this technology is going to Maturate in foreign country especially in usa and japan , and its application is very wide.

4.methods the author grouped 346 patients reserved with catheter randomly: experimental group ( 186 cases), control group ( 160 cases), then helped the patients in experimental group squat on commode and pulled out the catheter slowly as soon as they had obvious consciousness to Maturate.

5.mature embryo stage: the embryonal organs continue Maturate.

6.lymph node, as the most important peripheral immune organ, where b cells respond to immune antigens and produce antibody, is the important site for b cells to further differentiate and Maturate.

7.after thousands of years 'development, chinese traditional timber framing dwelling has been very Maturate in every respect such as its form, technology and culture. as a main carrier of chinese civilization, its importance goes without saying.

8.nude oocytes and half nude oocytes hardly Maturate and cleavage.

9.the isolated opcs are found to be able to survive and continue to grow in vitro. these opcs still retain the proliferative ability and further differentiate and Maturate to oligodendrocytes. 3.

10.most of the hydrocarbon source rocks in triassic system were in a Maturate oil-producing period, some not.

11.ftir analysis of hydrogen bond in middle Maturate coals the end of the indoor simulative compost experiment, the compost product did not completely Maturate and it was still poisoned to the growth of plant.

13.before manufacturing a physical model, designer can use software to construct a virtual model on computer, and simulate the real working condition of lunar rover in order to test and Maturate the rover technology. order to obtain certain science, since greece, philosophers pay importance to the problem of intuition, until descartes 'rational intuition attain Maturate understand. present, the internet/ web technology tends to Maturate gradually. and web has already become one of the most important information resources.

16.two frozen-thawed methods did not have significant effect on the proliferative activity of small ogcs with intact appearance and structure, which may easily develop and Maturate in vitro.

17.through utilization research of corn inbred line he344 to prove that he344 plays a vital role in the medium and late Maturate corn breeding in heilongjiang province.

18.grow, Maturate, mature, mellow, ripen.

19.negtive selection plays a very important role in Maturate of t cell.

20.memory is real, because it can prove your growth and Maturate. recent years, the government adjusts the way of controlling the real estate market from originally tool of administrative restriction to economic tool while china's real estate market become more and more Maturate. the infrared detection and homing technology Maturate daily, the study on infrared characterization of ship becomes more and more important.

23.stop dissimulating to be Maturate . cost me two years to Maturate this artistic creation, including the colors, the strokes, and the technique of expression_r, which puzzled my brain quite a lot.