Matter Sentence Examples | Use Matter in a sentence

1.within a Matter of days she was back at work

2.after that, life became a Matter of defying school rules would be only a Matter of time before he went through with it.

4.i knew the words meant something, but i could only stare, bewildered. how could the meaning Matter at this point?

5.carole, what's the Matter? you don't seem happy

6.but anyone who thought that would be an end to the Matter was mistaken. Matter what your age, you can lose weight by following this program

8.'he's moving in here,' maria said. 'so that's the end of the Matter.'

9.'we're not that contrived. we're not that theatrical.' — 'that's a Matter of opinion.'

10.'steve, what do you want?' — 'coke, pepsi, it doesn't Matter.'

11.don't let yourself despair; this will only make Matters worse was clear that she wanted to discuss some private Matter

13.independent music labels also will participate, said other people familiar with the Matter. Matter how sick i felt, i always found a sense of tranquility during my wyoming visits.

15.the fact of the Matter is that most people consume far more protein than they actually need

16.your doctor and health visitor can help a great deal and you need to talk about it with them as a Matter of urgency.

17.history is always a Matter of interpretation

18.after ending toward the Matter, in the his colleague heart still angrily gravamen, penitence cross-examined exactly.

19.their behaviour is an offence. it's no laughing Matter.

20.'didn't you ever read the book?' keating shook his head. 'well, no Matter.'

21.Matters took an unexpected turn. the end of a year the Matter will be reviewed again by friends of freedom.

23.he had decided to publish the manuscript no Matter what

24.'did i wake you?' — 'yes, but it doesn't Matter.' Matters drew him to paris. extreme situations, local authorities could suspend an employer's operations until the Matter is addressed.

27.he seemed to look upon the Matter as settled.

28.don't you think this is now a Matter for the police?

29.they feed mostly on decaying vegetable Matter.

30.if your ordinary life is out of control, then retreating into a cosy ritual will not improve Matters

31.a proton is an elementary particle of Matter.

32.being responsible for one's own health is one thing, but being responsible for another person's health is quite a different Matter

33.choosing the colour for the drawing-room walls was no easy Matter.

34.observance of the law is a Matter of principle for us

35.until the Matter is resolved the athletes will be ineligible to compete

36.if it would facilitate Matters, i would be happy to come to new york

37.the irony was that shawn had not seen her. nor for that Matter had anyone else

38.a lot of the food goes on the floor but that doesn't Matter

39.the fact of the Matter is that it is now when all is coming to light that you are able to comprehend why you are here.

40.smaller condensations of Matter began to form within the gaseous cloud, slowly revolving around the sun.