matriarchy Sentence Examples | Use matriarchy in a sentence any case, it seems just a matter of time that this ancient and unusual matriarchy will be changing to a more typical patriarchal system.

2.from the aspects of the mythology of matriarchy, the collapse of the culture centered by male power and the arising of female consciousness, the author elaborates the feminism thought which consists in her creation of fiction. points out that: firstly, matrilineal and matriarchy are two different concepts.

4.most scholars in past research programs believed that women enjoyed the dominant position, or so-called "matriarchy", in the matrilineal society.

5.chinese traditional culture features high power, high collectivism, scarce avoidance of uncertainty and matriarchy, which exert direct influence on decision-making in transformation.

6.matrilocal marriage is not the remainder of matriarchy --restudy on matrilocal marriage in xishuangbanna

7.we could inquire into the situation about original agriculture of matriarchy times, the creative action of ordinary laboring people in breed cultivating such as buckwheat and tea, and state power how emerged in the activities of collected taxes and built barns.

8.the cause of this move from matriarchy, mr braudel argued, was neither a change in law nor a wholesale reorganization of politics.

9.on matriarchy and patriarchy

10.patriarchy instead of matriarchy, the form of marriage had changed. the dual marriage and the monogamous form of marriage appeared. women reduced to slavery party in the marriage relationship.

11.secondly, the matriarchy before homeric age remain an influence;

12.the banpo relics is the biggest and the most complete typical matriarchy relics along the yellow river valley scale, which is located on the east of chan river, eastern suburb of xi'an. also analyzes the relations between the concepts of yin-yang, confucianism, patriarchy and matriarchy.

14.viewed from the angles of world history and anthropology, matriliny and matriarchy are two different concepts. matrilineal society does not necessarily lead to the emergence of matriarchy, nor women's social status decided merely by the genealogical factor of the matrilineal system.

15.on this basis, the paper draws the conclusions that law originates in the primitive matriarchy society and and that the start of custom or conduct norm in primitive society signs the beginning of law.