Matriarchal Sentence Examples | Use Matriarchal in a sentence

1.the country was in Matriarchal society at that time and had the power to oppose zhou dynasty.

2.the Matriarchal gens has become the pivot on which the whole science turns;

3.this is a summary and commentary of the two main topics discussed at the recent symposium on the new achievements in feminist anthropology and in the study of mosuo Matriarchal society.

4.the primitive commune is a Matriarchal clan society.

5.the Matriarchal society consists of her female offspring and their young.

6.some were like this tortured elf, whose hatred of Matriarchal rule was so bitter that he would willingly endure anything to see it end.

7.masters, it is the return of that Matriarchal society, a culture and spiritual energy of sublime balance, termed the 'law of one'.

8.masters, it is the return of that Matriarchal society, a culture and spiritual energy of sublime balance, termed the'law of one '.

9.this is a typical reflection of the Matriarchal system. this process, the original crowd began to transition to the clan society, above all, the emergence and formation of Matriarchal society.

11.there are two sites gay he zangmu, respectively maizhuo two men and four women, generally considered to be Matriarchal clan community zangsu.

12.china's agriculture is the Matriarchal society from the beginning of embryonic development.

13.there are traces of the old Matriarchal society still present in their culture.

14.the mythical origin of the gelede is said to reflect the transformation from a Matriarchal society into a patriarchal society.

15.the finds from these burial grounds point to the existence of a prosperous Matriarchal society.

16.totem, together with the clan system, came into being in the Matriarchal clan period of primitive society; totem is the symbol of different marriage groups and clans.

17.we can no longer doubt the important part it played, as a transitional form between the Matriarchal family and the single family, among civilized and other peoples of the old world.

18.among the Matriarchal mosuo minority, children are raised by their mothers and maternal uncles and usually don t know their fathers.

19.the girls most at risk of being dedicated will have grown up in very Matriarchal devadasi communities.

20.saman mask basically reflected the goddess, it came into being in the prosperous period of Matriarchal society. learn more about the origins of agriculture in china, we will have to talk from the Matriarchal society.

22.the law of one remained a nurturing, Matriarchal spiritual culture, while the aryan grew into a powerful military corporate society, dominated by the upper class.

23.we can not explain this historical phenomena only with the theory of "vestiges of Matriarchal society".

24.on behalf of a primitive agriculture, Matriarchal society, one representative of agriculture, handicrafts, construction and ye tong has been a clear development and the beginning of slave society.

25.their kinship system is Matriarchal making the women visible on the streets of the ancient town as they attend to daily activities and chores. we have living evidence, described as particularly characteristic of the germans, of the Matriarchal, and therefore primitive, gens.

27.lugu, known as the "country of women" is home to the mosuo, one of the few remaining Matriarchal societies left in the world.

28.i was hoping that some corner of the world still retained a Matriarchal system because that is the best system you could have for our planet., han jia, they must have lived in a Matriarchal society in the past. fact, in meghalaya, marriages are Matriarchal with a matrilineal system where property, names and wealth passes from mother to daughter rather than father to son.

31.Matriarchal commune period, people have been able to certain long-term activities.

32.generally believed that a Matriarchal clan community of early end to the patriarchal clan society transitional phase, has entered advanced paternal clan society.

33.the former record of yan emperor shen nong era seems to be Matriarchal society, "people know his mother, not knowing his father. " is passed down through the Matriarchal line.

35.he was raised in a Matriarchal family and was always closer to his mother than his father.

36.indians of western north america has developed into the patriarchal clan composed of the east still in the Matriarchal clan society.

37.student: in mexico, i don't think that it is very close to being legalized because it's a very Matriarchal society.

38.from the state of communal marriage to the institution of antitheses marriage, from Matriarchal clan to paternal clan, the relationship between surname and marriage had gone through foundamental development, and it goes to ethical standard progressively.