Maternal Sentence Examples | Use Maternal in a sentence

1.her Maternal grandfather was mayor of karachi.

2.i was happy, i have a great Maternal love.

3.they hatch and they have no paternal care or Maternal care at all, you know, these little chicks and they're all by themselves from day one.

4.the hospital deploys extensive outreach clinics in child and Maternal health by car and plane.

5.her feelings towards him were almost Maternal.

6.there are significant health implications of prepregnancy Maternal obesity for both mother and child.

7.the remaining three were Maternal and child health, environmental sanitation, and nutrition.

8.genetic abnormalities are more often associated with faults in paternal dna than in Maternal dna.

9.they are not included in the millennium development goals for improving Maternal health and reducing child mortality.

10.moreover, to prevent Maternal and neonatal deaths, the need for a well-functioning health system is absolute. the united states, we want those countries with high Maternal mortality rate, said;

12.ratzinger should have been more alarmed by the young age of the priest's victims; that's what Maternal care would have entailed.

13.Maternal depression was associated with early childhood underweight and stunting.

14.Maternal and child health is the theme of this year's world health report and world health day. the zahara study, mechanical valve prosthesis predicted both Maternal and neonatal complications.

16.she did not know how to answer her mother's shrill, meaningless questions, put with the furious affectation of Maternal concern.

17.already research models are showing that hiv may have a significant impact on Maternal mortality.

18.member states also discussed the outline of an implementation plan for Maternal, infant and young child nutrition. nicaragua, remittances significantly improved the likelihood of doctor-assisted births, a big factor in reducing Maternal mortality.

20.early evidence shows that hiv may have a significant impact on Maternal mortality.

21.severe preeclampsia eclampsia; Maternal and infant; clinical analysis. his father and him Maternal divorce!

23.half of all Maternal deaths in botswana and south africa are due to hiv.

24.she had little Maternal instinct

25.Maternal health refers to the health of women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.

26.monitoring and evaluating the burden of Maternal and newborn ill-health and its impact on societies and their socio-economic development.

27.Maternal smoking can damage the unborn child. a new study suggests that the biggest predictor of Maternal blues is a woman's concerns about her relationship with her partner.

29."this study demonstrates the importance of Maternal nutrition and health in reducing obesity," said dr.

30.with the electric system, safe, reliable, easy to operate, low noise, Maternal and i can be assisted operation characteristics.

31.the hospital prepared for the Maternal thing can be said to be very intimate, including: from clothing to use, all disposable items.

32.i must have appealed to her Maternal instincts.

33.i define and compare a variety of procedures for calculating the lifetime risk of Maternal mortality.

34.through him she satisfied her unassuaged Maternal love, cooking for him, feeding him, bathing him, and putting him to bed.

35.the safety, efficacy and effective delivery of Maternal micronutrient supplementation require further research.

36.a study showed, the children in infancy got more Maternal love can be deal with stress and anxiety better after them growing up.

37.reaching the goal for reducing Maternal mortality depends absolutely on strong and accessible health services.

38.she did always have that Maternal ache, and, as the physically oldest of the cullens, she fell into a mothering role.

39.for the rest of the time, he is being subjected to english sounds by his busy parents and his most devoted Maternal grandparents.