Marxist Sentence Examples | Use Marxist in a sentence

1.a Marxist ruling party must attach great importance to the liberation and development of the productive forces.

2.the theoretical stand of Marxist stand is of life and history as well as of abstraction and transcendentalism.

3.and it summarizes and analyses the Marxist theory of the all-round development of the rich and developed in china.

4.the thinking pattern in Marxist philosophy is the cream and crystallization of the human thinking pattern.

5.the fifth part analyses the scientific concept of development as the theory of end-result as Marxist social develop theory. must persevere in using the Marxist stand, viewpoint and method to study the matters.

7.Marxist-leninist revolution remained his dream; but, as he knew better than anyone, capitalism and private enterprise remained a surer bet.

8.this definition fully embodies that Marxist philosophy is organic unification as an ideology and as a science.

9.the practice conception is the core and basic concept of Marxist philosophy. is true that in the study of current problems some comrades have deviated from the Marxist orientation.

11.system consciousness& the inheritance and development of the Marxist philosophy consciousness

12.the basic principle of scientific socialism is an important content of Marxist study.

13.and that contradiction between the drive for growth and the primacy of Marxist-leninist socialism has never been starker., there should be an organic unity between "norm" and "description" in the constructing of a new form of chinese Marxist philosophy.

15.on the philosophical foundation of Marxist materialism, it has transcended traditional practical esthetics and human-centeredness.

16.nikolai lenin, who had first met him in 1905 in finland, set him to work writing an article on the Marxist theory of governing minorities. a important proposition of Marxist philosophy, to understand it, the best understanding sight is the practice materialism.

18.the central doctrines of Marxist philosophy are called dialectical materialism and historical materialism.

19.western aesthetics and poetics are interlinked with Marxist aesthetic and literary thoughts.

20.Marxist philosophy belongs to the category of modern philosophy in nature, because of its modernity and meaning.

21.this revisionist thesis departs even further from Marxist assertions.

22.nor didany Marxist thinker until stalin imagine that this was possible, includinglenin, trotsky and the rest of the bolshevik leadership.

23.the essence of Marxist philosophical revolution lies in the fact that the paradigm transformation of philosophical thinking mode wa.

24.Marxist view of war is our fundamental starting point and viewpoint in understanding war.

25.the philosophy world has a variety of understandings of Marxist philosophy.

26.19 century european capitalism, the40's development of Marxist philosophy have prepared a social and historical conditions;

27.the author approves the theory of appearance, because this is a new thought for understanding Marxist philosophy.

28.marx and engels had established the theoretic basement of Marxist social essence of human being.

29.practice as limit is only the foundation of Marxist dialectics; Marxist dialectics is practice, but is not reduced to practice dialectics. his annual address to parliament, earlier this month, the president announced (to no one's surprise) that he was now a Marxist.

31.contemporary chinese culture consists of traditional chinese culture, Marxist culture through the soviet union and western liberalistic culture.

32.two different notions should be distinguished in understanding Marxist philosophy: Marxist philosophy and says of understanding Marxist philosophy.

33.he was not a Marxist, at least: egypt's nationalist hero, gamal abdel nasser, was his model, rather than lenin.

34.he listed himself as a Marxist.

35.the subjectivity is the growing point of the modern pedagogical theory which is based on Marxist philosophy.

36.lenin fought stubbornly for the purity of Marxist theory.

37.fromm considered Marxist philosophy as a kind of humanism theory on the basis of "humanitarianism and alienation".

38.we should step up education in the four cardinal principles and basic Marxist theories. da is a pioneer and initiator of propagating and researching Marxist philosophy in china.

40.lenin further developed the Marxist doctrine of the state.