Marxism Sentence Examples | Use Marxism in a sentence

1.the philosophical side of Marxism is called dialectical materialism; it emphasizes economic determinism.

2.the creativity that this is main to the Marxism drive accedes and develop.

3.this encouraged the growth of Marxism.

4.when he was a young man in the 1970s, many of his contemporaries were drawn to a particularly uncompromising vision of Marxism-leninism. follows, then, that as long ascapitalism is still in business, Marxism must be as well.

6.rectification means the whole party studying Marxism through criticism and self-criticism.

7.during this time, laclau and mouffe have declared publicly that Marxism is in a crisis, and the only way out is to turn to post-Marxism.

8.the chinese Marxism's hermeneutics is the theory or knowledge about how to unscramble Marxism scientifically;

9.the new curriculum manifests person this thought is the Marxism essential characteristic and the socialism aware pursue.

10.he is a new china pioneer and founder of Marxism theoretician of literature and art and aesthetics.

11.the historical ecosystem realms undoubtedly constitute the important research realms of chinese Marxism hermeneutic history in the early period.

12.the chinese Marxism has had the indissoluble bond with the chinese modernization from1920s.

13.the education of Marxism belief is the core and soul of ideological and political work.

14.for many years there has been a question of how to understand Marxism and socialism.

15."to object, realistic and sensibility" , to understand as a practice, which is the fundamental understandable form of Marxism philosophy.

16.buddhism and Marxism are the only two imported ideologies that have been indigenized and left great impact on chinese society.

17.the proposition "literature is human theory" manifests the fundamental significance of the new human theory in Marxism.

18.firstly, we mistook distillate for dreg during some phases of Marxism integrating with chinese traditional culture.

19.the enterprise theory of new institutional economics and that of Marxism have different theoretical approaches. on earth you like to mention the Marxism's friend, engels capitalist, namely mr born bourgeois.

21.dialectical materialism and historical materialism of Marxism and leninism are of thorough antitheism.

22.under this new condition, engels contributed to maintain and develop Marxism and innovated his recognition toward socialism, which enriched and developed the theory of scientific socialism.

23.this is a scientific summary of the history of Marxism's theoretical development.

24.from the perspective of history and logic, sinification of Marxism and chinese modernization have been unified intrinsically.

25.this article discusses three questions about the subject of basic principles of Marxism.

26."it is no exaggeration to say that nothing has damaged the interests of marx the philosopher more than Marxism, " he said.

27.but a woman who seemed to have a bit of the schoolmarm in her took the pilgrimage more seriously, arguing that china had a need for Marxism.

28.the article expounds the basic ways to realize the chinization, modernization and popularization of Marxism.

29.this is the theoretical character and morals and practical characteristics of Marxism.

30.our country establishes the socialist market economic system which and implements, enriched and has developed the Marxism.

31.firstly, it defines the concept of the Marxism human demand from its nature, levels, classification, property, development mechanism, etc.

32.both of them believed in Marxism and materialism. a believer in the principles of humanism. has answered the question of what is Marxism from the angles of genetic theory and theories of nature, structure, feature and values.

34.liberalism is a manifestation of opportunism and conflicts fundamentally with Marxism.

35.the fourth part summarized the Marxism chinese basic experience, has obtained several enlightenment.

36.neither Marxism nor buddhism would dispute that contention, except for the changing concept of what to think of as habitable.

37.chinization, modernization and popularization decides the development and destiny of Marxism in china.

38.the chinese nation needs to rejuvenate, but this needs the guide of Marxism and its economics. abounded and developed the theory of thought found a party of the Marxism.

40.concrete utopia of bloch represents the ontological concrete of western Marxism.