Marvelous Sentence Examples | Use Marvelous in a sentence

1.the weather in budapest is among the best in europe, with Marvelous spring and fall seasons.

2.the costumes and the scenery were Marvelous.

3.well, the lord did Marvelous things!

4.i thought the show was Marvelous. i haven't laughed so much for a long time.

5.i've just seen a Marvelous kungfu movie.

6.i know it! Marvelous sensation!

7.i congratulate you on this Marvelous opportunity.

8.that's a Marvelous idea!

9.the costume and scenery is Marvelous.

10.he was on fire with this Marvelous sight.

11.the candle reminds us that we have come out of darkness and into the Marvelous light of his love.

12.a most Marvelous journey is ready to unfold, which reunites you with your spirit and space families.

13.have wings, a really Marvelous.

14.of you and Marvelous me!

15.she cited an instance where their training had been a Marvelous help in dealing with problems.

16.i agree with you that his acting is simply Marvelous. must read this. it's Marvelous!

18.i had had a Marvelous steak.

19.i do think that's Marvelous.

20.i think it's a Marvelous place. can see it, in his Marvelous shots of butterflies and breathtaking sceneries.

22.yes, i do. i think the london under-ground is Marvelous. should have heard her. it's was Marvelous.

24.xiao luo: what you said remind me of the Marvelous building in belgium, which is supposed to be of a blood tie with world expo, isn't it?

25.his wife was a Marvelous cook and she didn't give a fuck about those centimes cronstadt added up. she took it out of me in carbon copies.

26.well, that day, that day, what a Marvelous mess. well, this is all that i can do. i'm done to be me.

27.i do not believe that we have begun to understand the Marvelous power there is in stillness.

28.i thought it was just a Marvelous idea to wear this purple and orange outfit;

29.when i was at home, i like to enjoy the Marvelous music and cooking food for my families.

30.he started to see laura lou as a Marvelous gift that he was fortunate enough to share for a time. seems to me a most Marvelous book.

32.i think it's time i gave this Marvelous new toy a try.

33.however, the fact that he had a Marvelous memory alone did not make him a great conductor.

34.oh, thank you. that's Marvelous. i hope i can find it.

35.'isn't this Marvelous?' she cooed.

36.the next few years will be Marvelous from the point of view of a speculator, but horrible for the average guy.

37.this concept takes a bit of getting used to, but it's a Marvelous way to avoid errors.

38." this judge went on to say that, if confirmed, judge alito " will serve as a Marvelous and distinguished associate justice.

39.rita: i feel great, in fact, i feel Marvelous. have a Marvelous gift for science.