Marvelling Sentence Examples | Use Marvelling in a sentence

1.after hearing in pine effect over and over, i was still Marvelling at michael paradinas (aka u-ziq, pronounced 'music').

2.but that did not stop television audiences from Marvelling at li's beauty and grace as he sang and danced.

3.the guard, Marvelling, ushered him through the great gate of the castle, and across a spacious court where fountains sang mellifluously.

4.i departed to my own room, Marvelling that i had escaped so easily.

5.others looked up into the sky at the helicopters, Marvelling at the loud whirring that continued uninterrupted for hours.

6.we eventually pick two meals, Marvelling at the cheapness.

7.he returns to the terrain of embracing defeat, Marvelling at how the vicious racial hatreds of the pacific war dissipated so quickly, as though turned off like a spigot.

8."one day it will be beaten but it's not easy, " he said, Marvelling at the final league points total.

9.reading school reports and Marvelling at his academic achievements, we have remembered the person he used to be.

10.the jailer, after ushering him into the room, remained a moment, Marvelling at the comparative quiet that followed his entrance; for hester prynne had immediately become as still as death, although the child continued to moan.

11.he had succeeded in making her talk her talk, and while she rattled on, he strove to follow her, Marvelling at all the knowledge that was stowed away in that pretty head of hers, and drinking in the pale beauty of her face. were as excited children Marvelling at your abilities, and playing games with each other.

13.together, let us create a symphony of hearts, Marvelling at the miracle of our children and basking in the beauty of love.

14.martin grinned and accepted the invitation , Marvelling the while at his complacence