Marvelled Sentence Examples | Use Marvelled in a sentence

1.they Marvelled that she would make such a decision.

2.before such he bowed down and Marvelled, knowing that they were beyond the deliberate creation of any man.

3.i Marvelled that he suddenly left college.

4.and they Marvelled, and one passing by heard it, and he said, yea, truly, ye have chosen well, for he is a comely child and of great nobility.

5.but he did make a trip to the great wall, where he Marvelled at the chinese propensity to build walls.

6.she Marvelled at how quickly her life changed.

7.i Marvelled at the maturity of such a young child/ at the beauty of the landscape. the warmth of a booth in his favorite weekday lunch place, he Marvelled at her presence across the table.

9.when jesus heard it, he Marvelled, and said to them that followed, verily i say unto you, i have not found so great faith, no, not in israel.

10.he Marvelled at the lightness of her step.

11.i Marvelled her bravery.

12.the people Marvelled at my boldness, and counsel-led me to flee from the city.

13.but when the multitudes saw it, they Marvelled, and glorified god, which had given such power unto men.

14.the other day, my neighbours and i Marvelled together at a moose running down the street toward the lake.

15.they Marvelled at the protests in tunisia, wondering if they dared to dream that this was the beginning of a new era.

16.many times i have stood before them and Marvelled at their glory.

17.he Marvelled that a man in such intense pain could be so coherent.

18.the world Marvelled in1996 when antiretroviral therapy, or art, was first shown to be effective.

19."just look at that waterfall! isn't it amazing?" she Marvelled.

20.i Marvelled at this tenacity in one so young.

21.we Marvelled at their skill. the same time i Marvelled at something unyielding in his character which was carrying him through so finely. i believe with all my heart, michelle, that we were brought together on purpose.

23.we Marvelled at his excellent piano playing.

24.and when the pharisee saw it, he Marvelled that he had not first washed before dinner.

25.we shared their joys and we Marvelled at their ability.

26.and he gave him no answer, not even to one word: insomuch that the governor Marvelled greatly.

27.i Marvelled at first and wondered what these could be.

28.everyone Marvelled at his courage.

29.and the jews Marvelled, saying, how knoweth this man letters, having never learned?

30.people Marvelled that the soviet system had produced such a human figure, and had allowed him to survive.

31.people Marvelled at his deeds.

32.we Marvelled at the child's linguistic abilities.

33.and they Marvelled at him.

34.i'm Marvelled at your boldness.

35.and not for the first time i Marvelled at how much work and technique goes into being a woman.

36.i Marvelled at her tremendous achievements.

37.the conversation proceeded, and i Marvelled at the tact with which mr.

38.i Marvelled at your boldness.