Marveling Sentence Examples | Use Marveling in a sentence mrs. kim'skitchen i feel enormous, suddenly, as though i'm visiting my old grammar schooland Marveling over the size of the desks.

2.never allow my affections to be recanted or stop Marveling at you behind to also marvel at your warmth, your wit, your refusal to condone animal, your inability to boil water.

3.driving back to my father's house that day, i continued periodic "feelings" checks, Marveling at how much stronger i felt.

4.chapter 3 takes the folks seedling art in the work embroidery as an example, the seedling race has no pure painting art, but the numerous of art appearance have to let person Marveling!

5.jim mccullar, 68, took hold of the oversized check, Marveling at all the zeros in $190m, and promptly handed it over to his wife.

6.before every meal they bowed their heads and gave thanks, Marveling at their blessings: a wonderful family, good fortune, and each other.

7.i have never bitten into a chunk of army bread without Marveling that this coarse and heavy concoction can transform itself into blood and warmth, and perhaps into courage. will merely watched the flow of mind, somewhat as humanity watches his fancy disport in daydreams, Marveling at its power and versatility.

9.looking at in the moment this stub to be filled with the plant of yugoslavia sentimental appeal, i can not help Marveling for it: how strong vitality!

10.and they were not able to lay hold of a saying of his in the presence of the people; and Marveling at his answer, they kept silent.

11.but peter rose and ran to the tomb; stooping and looking in, he saw the linen cloths by themselves; and he went home Marveling at what had happened.

12.stephen green, a senior economist at standard chartered bank in shanghai, continually found himself Marveling with visiting friends at the pace of change and struggling to describe what he saw. he ran silently across the lawn he could not help Marveling at his own nerve.

14.throughout the race, i kept Marveling at the spectators 'goodwill.

15.together, let us create a symphony of hearts, Marveling at the miracle of our children and basking in the beauty of love.

16.visitors can relax around the open space or enter the "seed cathedral" to admire the seeds in the spines, Marveling how such tiny seeds can produce wonders of nature and life.

17.she was tired out with wonder and Marveling.

18.i ran my hand down his stone chest now, tracing across the flat planes of his stomach, just Marveling.

19.observing rome criminal law, one cannot avoid Marveling at its detailed classification of crimes, which has exerted a deep impact upon the laws subsequently made.

20.6 and they were not able to lay hold of a saying of his in the presence of the people; and Marveling at his answer, they kept silent.

21.for the united states and europe, the implications go beyond Marveling at the pace of communist-style civil engineering.

22.that was all i could say as i stood there, Marveling at the display of toy trains., like the thousands of other tourists, they were snapping pictures and Marveling at the incredible power of the famous cataracts.

24.standing here, i can't help Marveling how much the bid changed shenzhen; Marveling how much the universiade changed bao'an.

25.even after seven years of service to the covenant he could not help Marveling at their copious wealth of heat.