Marveled Sentence Examples | Use Marveled in a sentence

1.i have also Marveled at xmup's creativity.

2.and all those who heard Marveled at the things spoken to them by the shepherds.

3.we Marveled/ felt amazement/ surprised that they walked away unhurt from the car accident.

4.and she Marveled at the sandals.

5.when i saw her, i Marveled greatly.

6.each thought i had was like a drop of water disturbing a still pond, and i Marveled at the peacefulness of each passing moment.

7.he Marveled that they had escaped unhurt.

8.we are Marveled by the prospering troy.

9.we Marveled that he could remember so much.

10.the young disciple was such a prodigy that scholars from everywhere sought his advice and Marveled at his learning.

11.sara and i read the story and Marveled

12.and he Marveled because of their unbelief; and he went around the villages in a circuit, teaching.

13.this small word Marveled at its new status, wondering where this would take it.

14.and the people were waiting for zachariah, and they Marveled at his delaying in the temple.

15.i Marveled at the relentless determination of the rain.

16.he loves china and went there many times, Marveled at china's changing.

17.students Marveled at the rapidity of transformation in china's western small and medium-sized cities.

18.and all bore witness to him and Marveled at the words of grace proceeding out of his mouth, and they said, is not this joseph's son?

19.when my husband and i Marveled at advances, new technologies, or remodeled historic sites, local chinese would smile politely and nod, clearly wondering what rock we had crawled from underneath.

20.'that's the weirdest thing i've ever seen,' Marveled carl

21.her fellow members Marveled at her seemingly infinite energy

22.when i left the store with the two bags of free salad, i Marveled at18 the honesty of the store clerk.

23.and he did not answer him, not even to one word, so that the governor Marveled greatly.

24.ellsberg Marveled at how far technology has come, that with the click of a mouse such a massive volume of information can be released.

25.he Marveled sometimes at the man's resourcefulness.

26.they Marveled at his temerity.

27.lawyers Marveled at his magnificent first-year performance at harvard.

28.he also Marveled at the chinese use of paper money, which bore the seal of the emperor.

29.on every trip, i Marveled at the number of citizens from all over america who just showed up to help.

30.years ago, when i first learned how much a female executive at my company was paid, i Marveled, 'wow, that's a lot. '

31.but the physicians who attended him on his deathbed Marveled at his muscular arms and chest.

32.white snow fell on her blonde hair is so beautiful and refined, everyone Marveled at this moment.

33.even if you have been to the place and Marveled at its splendor, a second visit is almost out of the question, for you are always occupied otherwise.

34.alford Marveled at how deftly jordan navigated his way with knight.

35.we Marveled that he walked away unhurt from the car accident.

36.then we decorated the little tree and Marveled at it.

37.3 and one of his heads was as it were slain to death, and his death stroke was healed. and the whole earth Marveled after the beast. i Marveled at this all-encompassing beauty, i thought of ralph waldo emerson's comments about the stars.