Marvel Sentence Examples | Use Marvel in a sentence

1.i Marvel at the stars.

2.but behold a Marvel and a riddle!

3.what audiences came to see was the technological Marvel of the movies; spider-man and the Marvel super heroes!

5.he Marvelled that a man in such intense pain could be so coherent.

6.we saw the last of a great civilization, and came home to Marvel at it.

7.he's done Marvels with the team

8.the economist behind this year's report is used to hearing people Marvel at how much kids cost. fact, Marvel did not put up much of a fight, accepting what most analysts think was a generous price. know who's got to be the bravest person in the Marvel universe? whoever has to give she-hulk a bikini wax.

11.for now, perhaps, all we can do is Marvel.

12.the whale, like the dolphin, has become a symbol of the Marvels of creation not Marvel that i said to you, 'you must be born anew.

14.i Marvel at his tremendous achievements. grandfather is a Marvel; he goes hunting at his age.

16.the operation was a Marvel of medical skill.

17.he saw Marvel, curiously crumpled up and struggling against the door that led to the yard and kitchen.

18.the robot is a Marvel of modern engineering.

19.she's Marvel to be able to shoot with such accuracy.

20.this was the lord's doing and we Marvel at it. can only Marvel at the skill and resolve of these ancient climbers. really should not miss this total theatrical Marvel.

23.yes, you are a Marvel.

24.i think i ll just sit back and Marvel. was a Marvel that the floor never gave way.

26.and i often Marvel at what they achieved.

27.when i think of it now, i Marvel at how much courage it must have taken for a grown man to subject himself to such indignity and stress.

28.they can Marvel in their uniqueness and in their connection to the whole as they approach their goal.

29.the Marvel at the fact that a man in scandinavia lived for 300 days on only spuds covered with a bit of margarine. more would i be amazed at her fearlessness, but i would ever Marvel at her enormous courage.

31.wonderful. i think my friends will Marvel at the craftsmanship as well.

32.many Marvel at his success.

33.i never cease to Marvel at how some people, working with the same number of hours we all have, seem to get so much more done.

34.they may love her or fear for her, but mostly they simply Marvel at her existence, at the delicious unlikeliness of such platinum innocence.

35.even though it doesn't mean anything on the outset, when you know how the image is generated you would Marvel at the thought of it.

36.the capital city of atlantis was a Marvel of architecture and engineering.'s a Marvel that she's still alive!

38.a new technological Marvel was invented at cambridge university in england, the scanning electron microscope.

39.she almost died, but the hospital's skill achieved great Marvels