Martyred Sentence Examples | Use Martyred in a sentence

1.legend has it that he was Martyred in mesopotamia by being hung upside down and sawed to death - longitudinally.

2.he vowed to himself to avenge his Martyred comrade.

3.what do you do with people who are condemned to martyrdom but not actually Martyred?

4.dietrich bonhoeffer, the Martyred german theologian, was remembered with a concert on wednesday night at the washington national cathedral. rogers wore a Martyred expression.

6.this may be too constraining for poland, which sees its first-ever presidency as a step in the renaissance of a Martyred nation.

7.if i could return to that time, i wish i would be Martyred.

8.'as usual,' muttered his Martyred wife

9.she listened to him with a Martyred expression on her face, trying to compose a suitable reply.

10.john was the brother of james, the first apostle to be Martyred. they were fishermen from the sea of galilee.

11.john the baptist himself gets Martyred.

12.the undignified outburst came at naudero in sindh province, the burial site of his wife and her similarly "Martyred" father zulfikar ali bhutto.

13.they were upheld, as in all their dealings with the black-white relationship, by a feeling of almost Martyred responsibility.

14.he's the innocent prophet who is Martyred for his prophecy.

15.according to christian tradition, paul was Martyred by being beheaded because he was a roman soldier, again according to tradition, paul actually never tells us he was a& i mean a roman citizen. pancras was Martyred in 304 ad.

17."when i sing it, i feel immense respect for 'wang erxiao, ' " mr. zhang, 59, said of the classic ode to a Martyred peasant child.

18.the aura cast through the Martyred cinders gives the holder the power of "forget" , affecting both time and memory.

19.two skeletons discovered in a crypt in an italian cathedral are those of christian saints who were Martyred in ancient rome, experts have claimed.

20.they were upheld, as in all their dealings with the black-white relationship, by a feeling of almost Martyred responsibility . the tradition was that paul was Martyred but unlike peter who was crucified upside down, according to tradition, paul was beheaded in rome, probably sometime in the60s, that's the tradition.

22.confessors, that is, people who are condemned to martyrdom but not Martyred, also become especially important, as figures who are considered to be closer to god.

23.having a Martyred messiah could be, as history shows, a galvanizing and inspiring state of affairs for bin laden's disciples.

24.a brave, Martyred sigh.

25.whenever you're feeling Martyred, remember, your turn will come.

26.the aura cast through the Martyred cinders gives the holder the power of "forget", affecting both time and memory.

27.this is where st peter was supposed to have been Martyred.

28.tradition says he was Martyred in hierapolis after a ministry in syria and through asia minor., the catholic church recognizes at least three different saints named valentine or valentinus, all of whom were Martyred. rome, at certain times, you will have certain people Martyred, usually leaders, or bishops, or people like justin martyr who are key figures.

31.the ppp has vowed to stop what it calls an attempt "dig up the grave of its Martyred leader, benazir bhutto" .

32.i don't think this author wanted to tell us about how the story ended, if it actually ended with paul being Martyred in rome, because that kind of would spoil the story, wouldn't it?

33.this even carries over to where if you are condemned to martyrdom but you don't actually get Martyred, you become what they call a confessor.

34."i want to be Martyred with you and i won't leave as long as you're alive, " he recalls her saying.

35.once they were Martyred, as a reward for their martyrdom, their spirit goes straight to heaven to be with jesus immediately you bypass some bad waiting room type experience if you're Martyred.

36.and under the altar are the souls of all the followers of jesus who have been Martyred up to this time, and the souls of those people who will be Martyred. put on your Martyred expression, sigh and say, 'if you really want to*'. many virgins do they say were Martyred with her?

39.he says three policemen were Martyred and three terrorists attackers were also killed.