Martyrdom Sentence Examples | Use Martyrdom in a sentence

1.he would willingly have been a martyr in the cause, had the cause admitted of Martyrdom.

2.he added that so-called Martyrdom videos had been found in the raids.

3.marion, who had seen with her own eyes and who imagined it to be one of many scenes for her sister's Martyrdom, never forgot.

4.ground consecrated by their Martyrdom

5.his means of bringing it about embraced an orgy of murder and Martyrdom partly directed against the "crusader" west, particularly america.

6.this build emphasizes excellent responses to critical hits, popping Martyrdom, blessed recovery, and blessed resilience all at once.

7.i should be very sorry to see you suffer Martyrdom for me.

8.what do you do with people who are condemned to Martyrdom but not actually martyred?

9.modern people reading ignatius'letters, and he looks like he's morbid in his craving for Martyrdom.

10.ignatius can even claim, for himself, the status that he, especially to his Martyrdom is the word of god.

11.for christians, jesus is a divine being, the son of god, who took human form in order to experience Martyrdom, death and resurrection as part of god's plan for redemption.

12.defense lawyer edward macmahon said he believed his client yearned for Martyrdom.

13.Martyrdom is the only way in which a man can become famous without ability.

14.i have suffered a Martyrdom in their incompetence. story of Martyrdom is also on the united states because of bullying, jealousy always good news, this is by yu kashii deduction for the first time a bad woman.

16.he said: " the greatest act of Martyrdom is standing up for what is true and just. "

17.his Martyrdom is commemorated by shiites every year during ashura.

18.silent resolve: this talent now benefits the triggered buffs from blessed resilience, blessed recovery, and Martyrdom.

19."the attack resulted in the Martyrdom of brother saif al-arab gaddafi and three of the leader's grandchildren, " he said.

20.well, they were very close to Martyrdom so that makes them very close to god.

21.its Martyrdom does not slip into the past, leaving us with a right to wages.

22.those men his disciples knew no such things: they went forth to journey afar, to suffer by land and sea, to know torture, imprisonment, disappointment, to suffer death by Martyrdom. one who loves life would wish to imitate her dedication to Martyrdom nor would wish it for his children nor for anyone else whom he loves.

24.once they were martyred, as a reward for their Martyrdom, their spirit goes straight to heaven to be with jesus immediately you bypass some bad waiting room type experience if you're martyred.

25.Martyrdom is cathayan black warrior.

26.a statement issued by the tigers said their "incomparable leader" had "attained Martyrdom" and declared a week of mourning.

27.his wife's never-ending complaints made his life one long Martyrdom.

28.a movement that prizes "Martyrdom" will not let the propaganda opportunities of its symbolic leader's execution be wasted.

29.the other development that's going on at this time that will become very important is Martyrdom.

30.confessor: one who confesses faith in christianity in the face of persecution but does not suffer Martyrdom.

31.he suffered Martyrdom by stoning.

32.there was much talk of Martyrdom. bear the marks of wounds on your body, as sort of a living Martyrdom.

34.not for him the prison or Martyrdom route. was as if people should laugh at Martyrdom.

36.the thought of Martyrdom is a comfort to some.

37.if it had been like that, i think the filming of "the chamber of secrets" might have been a Martyrdom for me.

38.she sat picking at her small plate of rice salad with an air of Martyrdom.