Martyr Sentence Examples | Use Martyr in a sentence

1.since you don't seem to see her position as legitimate, why, in such a situation, should she adopt yours and elect to be your Martyr?

2.the cost is the same if it's a Martyr or a collaborator?

3.flags were at half-mast everywhere on the day of the Martyr's funeral.

4.he was too much of a dog to try to look to be a Martyr or to plot revenge.

5.this appears to have been the first christian execution for heresy and caused him to be venerated as a Martyr, especially in galicia. lucky of star, how can you tell me to go to the Martyr park?

7.when are you going to quit acting like a Martyr?

8.he spends a lot of time in his letters claiming the authority of a Martyr because he's on his way to being killed.

9.infp- "the Martyr" - this type tends to sacrifice themselves in an effort to promote their peculiar sense of truth. he finally getting tired of being a Martyr?

11.the newspaper carried the Martyr's photo framed in black.

12.that will finally allowed him to die as a Martyr but paul proved god's grace even then. could also plausibly claim the Martyr steve biko as a soul mate.

14.the Martyr laid down his life for the cause of national independence.

15.wreaths were laid at the Martyr's tomb.

16.the dead student is now being regarded as a Martyr.

17.each of our truths must have a Martyr. anglican and royalist Martyr, archbishop laud.

19.the Martyr, when faced even by a death of bodily anguish and horror, finds in the very terror of his doom a strong stimulant and tonic.

20.they took revenge for the Martyr's death on the enemy.

21.he lived a saint and died a Martyr.

22.ellsworth was a Martyr to his sense of honour and responsibility

23.he would willingly have been a Martyr in the cause, had the cause admitted of Martyrdom.

24.i will not make a Martyr of him. fact, a Martyr to his family. pancras was Martyred in 304 ad.

27.he says, don't save me, i want to be killed as a Martyr.

28.and make him a Martyr?

29.he died a Martyr to the cause of the revolution.

30.we've talked about stephen several times already, he's supposedly the first christian Martyr.

31.jennifer responded with anger and played the Martyr role. a televised speech, col. gadhafi said he is prepared to die as a 'Martyr' rather than leave.

33.first, you notice how much ignatius makes himself out to be this great Martyr.

34.having kitted the soon-to-be Martyr out in his jihadi outfit, the insurgents took photos and sent him on his way. our great sorrow, she died a Martyr at her post.

36.he himself said he would be "sacrifice" and a "true Martyr" for iraq.

37.i am not being a Martyr! i'm a victim!

38.many heroes died a Martyr's death for the people's cause.

39.he lived a saint, and died a Martyr. in this place there are no Martyrdoms.

40.he said that he was a Martyr to his back.