Malay Sentence Examples | Use Malay in a sentence

1.i also hope to be able to learn this language through the Malay culture as well.

2.macanese cuisine is portuguese with indian, Malay, african and south american influences.

3.taken together, criticisms against the police and macc are perceived as an attack on Malays and Malay institutions.

4.singapore is a multilingual nation, with many of its citizens being able to speak english Malay and chinese.

5.they spoke a derivative of the Malay language.

6.the region of Malaysia on the Malay peninsula.

7.language: Malay is the official language; chinese and english is widely used.

8.when they enter primary school, at age seven, lessons are conducted in Malay.

9.the Malay nationalist group known as perkasa says it will organize its own counter-rally in support of the ruling party.

10.the official languages are english, mandarin, Malay and tamil.

11.abstract odor terms are common among people on the Malay peninsula.

12.most muslims ( 14.9%) are Malay but there are adherents among all races.

13.he said search operations on both sides of the Malay peninsula were still active.

14.a member of a people inhabiting the n Malay peninsula and Malaysia and parts of the w Malay archipelago.

15.we cannot be an extension of china, india, the west, or the Malay archipelago.

16.i speak and communicate in4 languages, english, french, Malay and cantonese.

17.besides mandarin, he can speak english and Malay.

18.let me quote a Malay saying: "bahasa jiwa bangs a" , which means language is the soul of a race.

19.they disturb the female students, especially the Malay and chinese students.

20.a country in southeastern asia on borneo and the Malay peninsula.

21.i live in Malaysia, but cannot speak good Malay. mother is an ordinary worker, 36-year-old, long face, wearing a pair of glasses, her small nose and were used as a Malay riding.

23.aie! aie! aie! when i saw you, i made a Malay!

24.they have to adulterate a chinese sentence with words taken from english or Malay. of the most unique Malay dishes is the "roti gala" , which is often served during special occasions. other words, we need to reproduce the chinese, Malay and indian elites in the next generation.

27.smaller dialects like wu and cantonese outstrip the entire population of persian and Malay speakers. was founded by two aspiring Malay retirees who desire to form a legacy company which can be continued down to generations.

29.luoyi helpless had to battle, was jiangguizhi luoyi lay a Malay, shame, but a xiezui confess his wife.

30.there is a Malay saying: it is easier to teach a stupid person than a stubborn one. stepped forward, welcomed him in Malay, and presented him to jack

32.the Malay language spoken in Malaysia. matter what, we still took the first step to integrate into the Malay culture.

34.characterized by most of the regions land mass contained inland and a protruding piece of land which extends out on the Malay peninsula.

35.singaporeans also speak mandarin with words adapted from the english and Malay languages.

36.the national language of singapore is Malay for historical reasons, and it is used in the national anthem.

37.many of the cartoons were published in the newspaper and some were translated into the Malay language.

38.from the Malay flew straight back to korea or to macau together with me?