Malaria Sentence Examples | Use Malaria in a sentence

1.Malaria is still rampant in some swampy regions.

2.high-mortality diseases, like hiv/ aids, tuberculosis, and Malaria, are not yet under control.

3.who collaborating center for Malaria schistosomiasis& filariasis.

4.i've just recovered from a bout of Malaria.

5.plasmodium is a protozoan which causes Malaria; it is the causative agent of the disease. of the biggest tasks will be to control the spread of Malaria.

7.he's been tortured with Malaria for a week. of these products, the rts, s candidate Malaria vaccine, is now undergoing a very large phase iii trial in africa. week, health ministers gather in amsterdam to agree a strategy for controlling Malaria

10.strengthening disease surveillance for epidemic-prone diseases including Malaria and dengue fever.

11.roll on the day someone develops an effective vaccine against Malaria. aids, Malaria and tuberculosis are all diseases that are greatly exacerbated by hunger and poverty.

13.this is true even for the most researched diseases, such as Malaria or dengue fever.

14.china is ready to continue helping the malian side with personnel training and offer mali anti-Malaria medicines and medical equipment.

15.of these diseases, Malaria and dengue are of greatest public health concern.

16.diseases like Malaria that kill over a million people a year get far less attention than drugs to help with baldness.

17.within who, we have restructured our work in Malaria and created a new global Malaria programme.

18.Malaria is bursting out again all over the world

19.they were able to estimate the rate at which Malaria parasites would have had to diversify in order to spread to other hosts, like mammals. is about illness, and i think particularly of hiv/ aids, Malaria, and tuberculosis.

21.Malaria causes more deaths each year in niger among children under five years of age than any other single infection.

22.the millennium project also targets infectious diseases, including aids and Malaria.

23.they are already battling to eradicate illnesses such as Malaria and tetanus a very short time, the world has gone from trying to hold Malaria at bay, to aiming for its eradication. facilities have been set up to diagnose and treat Malaria.

26.conversely, the spread of Malaria up mountains as a result of rising temperatures might have been underestimated.

27.dr. johnson pointed out that this method can also be used for Malaria prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

28.strong Malaria control programmes have helped to lower infection rates in several countries.

29.for two days, thousands of people lined up to get access to the only medical tent and its Malaria medication.

30.symptoms of Malaria developed.

31.they have illnesses like Malaria and so on.

32.we have also made an unprecedented multi-year pledge to the global fund to fight aids, tuberculosis and Malaria.

33.the inherent uncertainties make it difficult to optimize Malaria control strategies or to prioritize areas of research.

34.he had frequent attacks of Malaria. of the side effects may be to change the geographical distribution of parasitic diseases such as Malaria.

36.the project receives support from the global fund to fight aids, tuberculosis and Malaria.

37.anopheles mosquitos transmit Malaria.

38.some will use grants from the global fund against aids, tuberculosis and Malaria to purchase the drugs.

39.we will continue the fight against hiv/ aids, tuberculosis and Malaria.