Maladjustment Sentence Examples | Use Maladjustment in a sentence

1.during the course at the acute ward, we summed up the core problem to be social Maladjustment via comprehensive assessments.

2.let us have an overview of Maladjustment as a social phenomenon and as a subject for psychological study.

3.the institutionalization of emotion has different functional requirements whose Maladjustment could bring in clash.

4.let your mind wander until recently daydreaming was generally considered either a waste of time or a symptom of neurotic tendencies, and habitual daydreaming was regarded as evidence of Maladjustment or an escape from life's realities and responsibilities.

5.we have discussed Maladjustment without attaching them to any specific disorders.

6.the prevention of Maladjustment has been described under the categories of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.

7.with the reformation of medicine circulating system, it's necessary to create a new rural medicine supply system instead of the Maladjustment of the previous one.

8.the method is propitious to alleviating vertical Maladjustment and improving the quality of the household heat-metering heating system.

9.the analytical method for calculating heat Maladjustment of hot water heating system

10.loneliness is a negative, diffuse psychological state, if in this state for long-term, child will have Maladjustment.

11.a brief analysis of vertical temperature Maladjustment in hot water heating of multiplayer building

12.and regular daydreaming was regarded as evidence of Maladjustment or an escape from life's realities and responsibilities.

13.nowadays the level of economic development has increased obviously and resident income has increased too, but Maladjustment and non-coordination between them still exist.

14.research on delinquency, mental problem and Maladjustment of primary school students

15.furthermore, the Maladjustment of vasoactive peptide is deemed to be an important aspect of vsa.

16.the company staff must properly make use of the inspection equipment, preventing calibration failure due to Maladjustment.

17.because of the tiredness of travel and the Maladjustment of the different area, now i'm a spent bullet! Maladjustment is an objective reality to be settled urgently. analysis of the Maladjustment, this article brings forward pertinently some suggestions of the accounting system.

20.nursing of patients with postoperative Maladjustment undergoing tongue cancer resection ensure safety, accompanied by her mother to dermatologist clinic to check, via doctor examination because long-term pill caused incretion Maladjustment.

22.the Maladjustment of sod/ mda ratio may play an important role in the occurrence of osahs with hypertension. addition to these data he lists other symptoms manifest in the society as indications of Maladjustment prevalent there.

24.this article expounds the definition and correlation of the children's self-control ability and learning Maladjustment.

25.the Maladjustment of the old system of worker's union to new administration shows that the transformation of worker's union is difficult.

26.the weakening of social organizations, the Maladjustment of children, and finally, crime, had resulted.

27.because of lack of teachers and examine mechanism, Maladjustment of textbooks, low of student's english level, the bilingual teaching of private international law exists many problems.

28.his anti-social behaviour is a sign of Maladjustment and inadequate parenting.

29.using the construction method of plain brings about the Maladjustment of machine deploying and elevation of construction cost.

30.according to traditional chinese medical theory, diseases are caused by the Maladjustment of the qi, and of blood circulation.

31.imbalance between the government power and the citizen right is the main reason for the society Maladjustment.

32.Maladjustment may shortly be described as'inability to react successfully and satisfactorily to the demands of one's environment '.

33.schumpeter, no doubt, would call this "Maladjustment" .

34.all in all the Maladjustment makes them homesick and more uncomfortable.

35.sunburn is a kind of fruit diseases caused by physiological Maladjustment such as strong light, high temperature etc, which occurred in most deciduous fruit trees.

36.due to the great role switching from a middle school student to a university student, freshers suffer Maladjustment in their learning psychology, which influences their study.

37.psychological adjustment on comprehensive symptom of lovelorn frustration of college student; on freshmen's mental Maladjustment and readjustment