Magnificence Sentence Examples | Use Magnificence in a sentence

1.the great wall is known for its long history and its Magnificence.

2."baroque: style in the age of Magnificence" begins with a captivating bejewelled camel (pictured below) with "blackamoor" attendants.

3.the final Magnificence, hundred years honor or disgrace of blast furnace, the old system ended. was a mixture of squalor and Magnificence.

5.the company as always hand in hand will cooperate with the general new old customers, communal creates Magnificence.

6.we are looking forward to your cooperation, mutually creating the future and the Magnificence!

7.he did not want a who's who of humanity to portray his own Magnificence.

8.i watched its whole Magnificence for the last time as if it were the first.

9.plainly it was an event to be admitted to the presence of such Magnificence.

10.india is a land of architectural Magnificence, having many ornate and exquisite temples, mountains, and palaces.

11.the lady was surpassingly beautiful, while the rich Magnificence of her attire drew all eyes upon her.

12.what scott caught, consciously or intuitively, was the city's phoenix Magnificence.

13.then the king consented and the marriage was celebrated with great Magnificence. was the embodiment of princely Magnificence.

15.but only long enough for her to look the other way, so i can once again catch a glimpse of Magnificence.

16.their shows exceed all nations i have known, both for dexterity and Magnificence.

17.snow-white agreed, and went with him, and the wedding was celebrated with great splendour and Magnificence.

18.but the Magnificence of sparkling marble adornment, colourful, priceless!

19.but the Magnificence and the power that you really have within you will be seen when you can be in joy during difficult times.

20.moreover the blue color graph implication enterprise with the livelihood same splendor, will create tomorrow the Magnificence.

21.and solomon achieved a prosperity and Magnificence unprecedented in the experience of his people.

22.we were all impressed with the Magnificence of russia's winter palace.

23.i watched the whole Magnificence of the dawn for the last time. . . as if it were the first.

24.we were attracted by the Magnificence of the country scenery.

25.reconciliation was not a spontaneous miracle, as some imagined, emanating from the Magnificence of his soul.

26.his Magnificence are chinese civilization magnify and expression of ages atmosphere. a result, it shows a realistic Magnificence for mastering the different etiquette in two cultures.

28.looking along the trail, there used to be both Magnificence and culpability, both enjoyment and helplessness.

29.there is a world of Magnificence hidden in simplicity.

30.we were dazzled by the Magnificence of the scenery.

31.above the trees are the mountains, whose Magnificence the river faithfully reflects on the surface.

32.there was a little ache in her fancy of all he described. her insignificance in the presence of so much Magnificence faintly affected her.

33.out of the darkness and density of the old earth has become something of great Magnificence. the morning, i open our door and am hit by the Magnificence of the drakensberg mountains.

35.and though of Magnificence and splendour, your house shall not hold your secret nor shelter your longing. the peaceful night and its starlit Magnificence succeeded the immutable day and the sun's ardent rays.

37.hoped that you can give the sky which i a piece gallops, creation tomorrow's successful and the Magnificence. let me say that there is no Magnificence about this suite of rooms.