Macerating Sentence Examples | Use Macerating in a sentence

1.optimal Macerating enzyme fermentation condition by aspergillus niger and the condensed enzyme liquid preparation

2.the screening of aspergillus a-19 producing plant cell Macerating enzymes

3.we studied the effects of mutation, medium ingredients, the cultivation conditions and extracting conditions on the rate of the Macerating enzymes produced by aspergillus niger with solid-state fermentation.

4.the characters of Macerating enzymes and its applications in the processing of vegetables and fruits were studied, and the applicable effects were compared between Macerating enzymes and other enzymes which used in fruits and vegetables processing.

5.the result showed that Macerating enzyme could increase and improve the extraction rate of juice and the clarification degree of various vegetables and fruits.

6.the effect of Macerating time, particle size and steam velocity on the extn. yields are also studied.

7.studies on the Macerating enzyme applied to the process of fruits and vegetables

8.Macerating enzyme and its applications in the fruit and vegetable processing

9.days was better for Macerating pigment and phenols.

10.applications of Macerating enzyme in processing of fruits and vegetables

11.then, these four elements were determinated by flowing injecting ( without pump) 100ul the Macerating solution into aas.

12.a substance prepared or produced by Macerating. technology of inorganic particle Macerating cellulose fibre fabric

14.the Macerating enzyme for processing of fruit and vegetable

15.turn off the stove and allow Macerating in the solution for 12 hours. remove and garnish with mint leaf. serve.

16.the variation of lactobacillus flora during corn maceration was studied with mrs lactobacillus culture medium and the improved mrs culture medium, and the relation between the bacterium fermentation and composition of the Macerating fluid was investigated.

17.this paper summarizes the status of fruit and vegetable processing in our country. according to some deficiencies in using pectinase only, a new kind of enzyme, Macerating enzyme, used to process fruit and vegetable is putting forward.

18.the results showed that the addition of Macerating enzymes was better than the blank samples for the yields of juice, and they do the same with the clarification.