Lounged Sentence Examples | Use Lounged in a sentence

1.they Lounged away the day playing cards.

2.spruance Lounged outside, elbows on the bulwark.

3.so saying, he Lounged to the fire, and sat down.

4.he Lounged back in his swivel chair and the setting sun played on his face.

5.they ate and drank and Lounged in the shade

6.all men, they Lounged against the counter, chain-smoking.

7.e. g. : he Lounged about the house, doing nothing but getting in our way while we were working.

8.e.g.: he Lounged about the house, doing nothing but getting in our way while we were working.

9.in what stables champed these sleek, nervous horses and rested the gorgeous carriages? where Lounged the richly groomed footmen?

10.actors playing mermaids and greek warriors Lounged around in costumes little better than those at a halloween party.

11.then we Lounged through many and many a sumptuous private mansion.

12.they had Lounged away in a poverty - stricken , purposeless , accidental manner , quite natural and unimpeachable.

13.he Lounged away the time.

14.did you reveal what cheesy movie you watched as you Lounged on the couch in full-bellied bliss?

15.the young youths Lounged in the south mouth of the cave for one month.

16.one week later half the rats were recruited into the eye blink training program; the others Lounged in their home cages.

17.laura Lounged in the hammock.

18.ruth sat near him in the stern, while the three young fellows Lounged amidships, deep in a wordy wrangle over "frat" affairs.

19.after dessert, people Lounged on the couches for a while, then pulled on their clothes in the entryway.

20.one evening we Lounged at a wood-lined wine bar on sisavangvong road, ordered a beautiful bordeaux and snacked on fried broad beans.

21.inside the great keep robin darted into a little room on the right of the doorway, where the only man on guard Lounged carelessly.

22.such a place was the grotto, where brissenden and he Lounged in capacious leather chairs and drank scotch and soda.

23.with a pipe in his mouth, he Lounged on the sofa, admiring the smoke rings he was blowing.

24.he Lounged in an armchair in a stance of deliberate contempt.

25.an armed military guard was stationed there to defend against terrorist attack, though he often Lounged near the doorway and ignored incoming researchers.

26.she Lounged on the rug.

27.one ad portrayed a well-dressed marksman firing at a target in his living room fireplace while a dog Lounged at his feet.

28.these young men always Lounged about in this street, doing nothing.

29.they had Lounged away in a poverty-stricken, purposeless, accidental manner, quite natural and unimpeachable.

30.several people are Lounged around.