loudspeaker Sentence Examples | Use loudspeaker in a sentence

1.his words were relayed into the crowded square by loudspeaker.

2.there is a loudspeaker in a radio.

3.using this menu item, setting of the traffic broadcast loudspeaker boost can be read out.

4.all of a sudden, the policeman's voice came over his loudspeaker.

5.he helped change a new loudspeaker.

6.we heard the news over the loudspeaker.

7.the young mexican mother is buckling sandals on her little daughter's feet, smoothing down her clothes as the loudspeaker comes alive.

8.the music from the loudspeaker told people that they could start galloping freely.

9.i go on the road, surrounded by quiet, but even the car's loudspeaker to hear music and people's cries sound, but a ghost.

10.we combined the flash, camera and loudspeaker into one beautiful detail at the back.

11.you measure frequency responses of loudspeakers crossovers, distortion of any audio equipment and impulse responses of loudspeaker systems.

12.when he was at a loss, he was lucky to hear a nice voice from a loudspeaker announcing that his lost luggage was found.

13.loudspeaker electrostatic mounted in its enclosure the driver deadened the noise of the car with a new muffler.

14.as he tries to get his lines just right, a production crew tries desperately to shape him into a star by advising him over a loudspeaker.

15.the bigger case size hasn't been used for a numerical block, but the loudspeaker covers have been broadened instead.

16.she said over the loudspeaker. they high-fived each other and left the office.

17.each loudspeaker has a rear facing subwoofer.

18.chicony, trying to drum up workers, has taken to sending a bus around dongguan with a loudspeaker blaring, "chicony is the best. "

19.the voltage of the amplified signal at the loudspeaker is 2v.

20.announcements were made over the loudspeaker system.

21.some applications on fem in the micro loudspeaker modal analysis and the acoustic response simulation are introduced.

22.sell speaker, mini speaker, loudspeaker, subwoofer, speakers, audio system.

23.the resonance of a loudspeaker unit depends on the total resistance in the circuit.

24.if the interference noises only come from one loudspeaker, insert a functional loudspeaker.

25.when an earphone is plugged in, no sound is heard from the loudspeaker.

26.finite element method has become more and more important in the loudspeaker design because of its advantages.

27.a portable loudspeaker with built-in microphone and amplifier.

28.to get a sense of what the dft does, consider an mp3 player plugged into a loudspeaker.

29.this paper proposes a way to reproduce stereophonic sound by using nonstandard loudspeaker arrangements.

30.disney makes three loudspeaker announcements prior to the start of each parade and the beginning of nightly fireworks shows.

31.the small loudspeaker may send out the ambulance the sound.

32.the technical development of the preamp circuit, signal processor, power amplifier and loudspeaker driver are described below.

33.dynamic microphones from a technical aspect operate on the electromagnetic principle, just like the electromechanical loudspeaker.

34.what's the girl saying over the loudspeaker?

35.oh, i've forgotten about the loudspeaker!

36.how to select an optimal driver for loudspeaker system design?

37.later, we bought a small loudspeaker at home during the popularization of the wire broadcasting.

38.in this article, a method to design two way loudspeaker crossover networks by genetic algorithms is described.

39.a man's voice comes over a loudspeaker.

40.the loudspeaker's stopped working.