Lords and Ladies Sentence Examples | Use Lords and Ladies in a sentence

1.the Lords and Ladies feasted on venison and other delicacies it is really a dainty food.

2.she went on peeling the Lords and Ladies till clare, regarding for a moment the wave-like curl of her lashes as they drooped with her bent gaze on her soft cheek, lingeringly went away.

3.at night he dreamed that he lived in a palace among Lords and Ladies.

4.with noble Lords and Ladies, accompanying them on planned hunting excursions and keeping their storehouses filled with game.

5.the Lords and Ladies feasted on venison.

6.james Lords and Ladies , his royal highness , king michael the benevolent ,

7.to Lords and Ladies of byzantium

8.in london , the noblest Lords and Ladies take pleasure in doing him honor .

9.as i came nearer to lilliput, i saw the king and all his Lords and Ladies standing on the beach.

10.the Lords and Ladies were all gathered at the palace.

11.there were many titled people at the function - Lords and Ladies, dukes and duchesses, not to mention the prince and princess of wales.

12.in london, the noblest Lords and Ladies take pleasure in doing him honor.

13.she was gathering the buds called 'Lords and Ladies' from the bank while he spoke.

14.modern travelers enjoy a level of comfort which the Lords and Ladies on grand tours in the old days couldn't have dreamed of .

15.those Lords and Ladies scattered around in the collateral branches of the family tree.

16.excuse me, gentle Lords and Ladies. do not let me disturb you. only a poor old harmless english rector.