Longhand Sentence Examples | Use Longhand in a sentence

1.for those of you using dreamweaver, like myself, you'll find that it likes to use Longhand code.

2.i prefer organized, efficient, Longhand note taking.

3.of course, we're all coders, so who wants to mess with the Longhand version?

4.the magistrate had to write all the evidence down in Longhand.

5.i have to translate these shorthand notes into Longhand.

6.he has help, but will write it himself, in Longhand.

7.the judge had to write all the evidence down in Longhand.

8.you could write out a poem she likes, or make one up, and write it out for her in Longhand-remember, that thing we did before typing-and then stick it in the same frame.

9.he wrote his first and second drafts in Longhand, in pencil.

10.the minister scratched out the statement himself in Longhand.

11.he rose early and wrote, in Longhand on the right-hand page of large blocks, later correcting on the left-hand page.

12.sophie quickly found some paper and copied it down Longhand.

13.ironic, given that there's no computer in his home office--patterson writes all his novels in Longhand.

14.i sometimes write out 8 to 10 pages from the book of my favorite writer. . . in Longhand.

15.the following are some popular shorthand syntax to memorize and use, with the Longhand syntax equivalent preceding it.

16.his process, honed early in his career as a tv writer in the 1970s and '80s, begins with a Longhand outline.

17.i write everything in Longhand on yellow tablets while sitting on the sofa with my four kids eating pizza and watching tv.

18.harry is one of the old school and still writes all his business letters in Longhand.

19.how am i gonna write it, in Longhand?

20.a clearly written style of Longhand with large round curves.

21.she writes in Longhand, and while she doesn't have a formal schedule, she says she prefers to write in the morning, before breakfast.

22.she wrote it all out in Longhand before typing it.