Logarithm Sentence Examples | Use Logarithm in a sentence

1.in this paper, one method of jamming effectiveness evaluation for speech communication based on the power added Logarithm spectrum distance of two speech signal is presented.

2.further, presented the correlations between multifractal spectrum and Logarithm of mean traffic.

3.the hyperelliptic curve cryptosystem is based on the hyperelliptic curve discrete Logarithm problem, and has the higher safety and the shorter operands compared to other cryptosystems.

4.the concept of compound Logarithm concentration. diagram is put forward and an example diagram is drawn in this paper.

5.that is, given an argument x, the natural Logarithm returns the power to which e must be raised to give the value x.

6.while this doesn't sound like a big deal, the difficulty of factoring and finding a discrete Logarithm forms the basis of most if not all public-key cryptography systems.

7.methods far sight was examined through e standard Logarithm eyesight table.

8.the security of the scheme is set up on the intricate nature of the elliptic curve discrete Logarithm problem and the knapsack problem.

9.the magnitude of an earthquake is determined from the Logarithm of the amplitude of waves recorded on a seismogram at a certain period.

10.the security of the new protocol was based on the discrete Logarithm on elliptic curve, and the server did not need to be completely trusted.

11.the integer part, which may be positive or negative, of the representation of a Logarithm.

12.both of their security are based on the intractability of elliptic curve discrete Logarithm problem.

13.returns the Logarithm ( base-specified) of a value.

14.it calculates the Logarithm of1 plus its argument.

15.the natural Logarithm of this ratio is called the Logarithmic decrement.

16.analysis of a proxy multi-signature scheme based on discrete Logarithm

17.the relationship of Logarithm and preloading time of settlement rate is linear, where the unloading time can be confirmed by the graph.

18.under the same temperature, Logarithm of relaxation time of sample increases linearly with the increase of Logarithm of the aging time.

19.a Logarithm tells you what power a base number must be raised to in order to produce a given value.

20.returns the natural Logarithm of a number.

21.a threshold group signature scheme based on rsa and discrete Logarithm

22.the security of the elliptic curve cryptography (ecc) is built upon the difficulty of solving the elliptic curve discrete Logarithm problem.

23.if we use exponentiation to encrypt or decrypt, the adversary can use Logarithm to attack.

24.the fifth day is the Logarithm stage for the mycelium growth.

25.a method is proposed for improving the consistency of inconsistent judgment matrix based on exponential scale, by the value of compatibility index of Logarithm.

26.the invention discloses an all-digital Logarithm automatic gain control device and a method thereof.

27.in cryptography, we also need to discuss modular Logarithm.

28.linear regression models are established for both Logarithm of heavy metal content and normalized ratio emissivity and are used to verify the significance of the regression equations.

29.now, let's take care of exponential and Logarithm functions.

30.the number of which a given number is the Logarithm.

31.this paper analyzed principles in dealing with the order of Logarithm times, and determined right order of times to predict fatigue lifetime.

32.the potential of reductive peak is linear with the Logarithm values of scan rate.

33.a new Logarithm linearization compensation method of thermistor without temperature drift is proposed in this paper.

34.the merits and deficiencies of the Logarithm model in air combat capability assessment of fighter aircrafts are analyzed.

35.can occur if you try to calculate the square root or Logarithm of a negative number.

36.analysis of a digital signature scheme based on discrete Logarithm and factoring

37.a multi-level threshold multi-secret sharing scheme based on bivariate polynomial and the intractability of the discrete Logarithm was proposed.

38.the log() function returns the natural Logarithm ( base e) of a number.

39.the elliptic curve discrete Logarithm of non singular elliptic curve over finite field has no efficient attack up to now, which made it cannot be widely applied in cryptography.