Livery Sentence Examples | Use Livery in a sentence

1.we saw several of the van drivers in their blue and yellow Livery.

2.the cea will promote and recommend a riding club to the riding public, competitors and Livery owners if it displays a chs accreditation badge.

3.negro servants too in Livery if she had money . othello black brute . eugene stratton.

4.the trees with their green Livery of spring.

5.the year will be packed with attendances at fund-raising events organised by the city Livery companies, and more than 600 speeches on subjects from financial matters to charity and patronage.

6.continental airlines enlisted german-american pop artist peter max in 1999 to create a special Livery for one of its wide-body jets.

7.on the same day a revamped aircraft Livery was unveiled at delta's hub in atlanta, georgia.

8.he placed the horse at the stable to remain at Livery at the rate of 30 shillings a day.

9.the airplane is painted in a new sunrise Livery of red-orange and is a significant departure from boeing's standard blue.

10.but i was very quick and then negated owned judgment, because he has no in Livery.

11.a sedate person out of Livery approached them and relieved the maid of her bags.

12.he had already engaged a horse and buggy at the Livery stable just around the corner from the bank.

13.the gulf Livery is very popular and would be a great addition to your collection.

14.the result of loewy's work won immediate praise from the president, the press, and the jet's Livery became a global icon.

15.sixteen servants in rich Livery waited on them.

16.i didn't think they would find any Livery that would fit me.

17.marshal's got men waiting to waylay you back at the Livery. had a new Livery yesterday?

19.they wore his badge and Livery.

20.birds in their winter Livery was the worst "service" i've ever had: my pulse now quickens with rage every time i see the hateful orange and white Livery.

22.the horses were post; and neither the carriage, nor the Livery of the servant who preceded it, were familiar to them. can endure the Livery of a nun.

24.she had asked a friend, a de-Livery pilot for the studio, to wave hello to norma jeane the next time he flew over her house.

25.his wardrobe is filled with a large assortment of clothes; even the servants have their Livery, and all that.

26.a worker in a Livery stable.

27.i just asked. i catched them in the Livery barn.

28.the new Livery features beautifully shot product on white porcelain with an understated union jack background. a corner was a tub for washing dishes, and from nails in the wall hung moist dish-clouts and the cook's Livery and skull-cap.

30.the reason he said green was that green was the traditional space Livery of the betelgeuse trading scouts.

31.he wore the ordinary white pinner and leather leggings of a dairy-farmer when milking, and his boots were clogged with the mulch of the yard; but this was all his local Livery.

32.she was attended by servants in splendid Livery and powdered wigs.

33.another servant in Livery opened the door.

34.i saw some servants in Livery in his house.

35.suddenly a footman in Livery came running out of the wood.

36.the gondoliers wore green and white Livery and silver plaques on their chests.

37.footmen in Livery and knee-breeches drew back and replaced the guests'chairs when they sat down, while the major-domo ceremoniously ladled out steaming soup from a silver tureen.

38.the new product gives children their own Livery of purple, green and yellow which is applied to cutlery, tray mats, snack boxes, headset bags as well as the toy bags. was opened by another footman in Livery, with a round face, and large eyes like a frog; and both footmen, alice noticed, had powdered hair that curled all over their heads.