Litigious Sentence Examples | Use Litigious in a sentence

1.i need to get rid of her but she knows all the rules and has a Litigious frame of mind.

2.those patents would give the search giant protection of its intellectual property in an increasingly Litigious technology environment.

3.the procedural act that legal organ serve Litigious documents to consignee in accordance with legal procedure and legal form in order to make them into legal force is called service. is the Litigious and apparently arbitrary culture of regulation and policy. this Litigious environment, sox is a deterrent to foreign issuers considering cross listings in the us.

6.the shareholders suit system has been settled by reinforcing the protection of the shareholders Litigious right in new corporation law.

7.the provisions include state protection for whistle-blowers, as well as rewards for bringing legitimate cases – a strong incentive in an increasingly Litigious society such as china's.

8.the head office of such foreign financial holding company has appointed an agent for Litigious and non-Litigious matters in the r. o. c.

9.of course we help our partners out, and we definitely want to see the industry not be so Litigious and move forward., like all good americans, are stubborn and Litigious.

11.while you are in Litigious mood, divorce her for unreasonable behaviour. manufacturers, bound by tight safety rules and a Litigious domestic culture, can push for tariffs in lieu of a level regulatory playing field.

13.the Litigious investor will look for almost any excuse to take you to court.

14.moreover, such actions are likely to escalate, taking the "currency wars" into a new and highly Litigious theatre of battle. was this kind of thinking that later led some of their number into such deep Litigious waters.

16.with 4000 patent lawsuits a year, chinese patent holders now qualify as more Litigious even than americans, who have been filing fewer than 3000 patent lawsuits a year.

17.brazil is not a Litigious society.

18.but now we have become the most Litigious in history. these Litigious, politically correct times, the perils of making cheap gags can be considerable.

20.the fact that law is no longer classified as a "nontraditional" occupation for women has not made our culture any less graspingly Litigious or any more concerned with the rights of the underdog.

21.a style described as abrasive and contentious; a disputatious lawyer; a Litigious and acrimonious spirit. allen believes chinese companies often do not realise how Litigious an environment the us is, do not always understand the rules, and have inadequate risk controls, all of which expose chinese executives to risk.

23.the quick increase of Litigious cases indicates china's entering into a Litigious society.

24.of course detailed, multiple references are paramount; verifying a cv is essential in these Litigious times.

25.the oracle boss is known to be Litigious in business, and so he proved in sport with his arcane, lengthy lawsuit that enabled him to gain admission to the race.

26.and though we do not know what shakespeare was up to in his twenties, we do know that his family was unusually Litigious.'s the most Litigious place i've been to outside of the us, said one speaker.

28.though i am not a lawyer, i simply cannot believe that they will be able to get away with this, especially in today's overly Litigious day and age.

29.he appeared almost entirely via flashbacks& he was a particularly Litigious client who, as it turns out, kept finding reasons to sue people so that he could spend time with alicia.

30.evidence deed, refers to the agreement of Litigious truths'proving method, in order to make procedural effects, which is established by equal parties and is a pure procedural behavior.

31.over the last 50 years the design and construction industry has gotten much more complex, and has gotten much more Litigious.

32.however, there still exist some unsolved issues in the arbitration development, especially the Litigious arbitration, which has become the obstacle in the process of arbitration development. regard Litigious right as common legal right is not sufficient to provide effective protection for chinese citizens legal right.

34.for mr arnault is Litigious when it comes to defending his image, in-terests and shareholders-a trait he probably developed wor-king as a young man in the us property and construction market. risks opening a new and Litigious front in the international currency wars, with a potential impact on the entire global economy, just to jam through three preferential trade agreements of minor commercial importance.

36.the bulk of cases have been brought by a few Litigious wto members.

37.we live in a Litigious society.

38.for management to justify its decisions in an increasingly Litigious society is likely to be expensive.