Lithagogue Sentence Examples | Use Lithagogue in a sentence

1.effects of Lithagogue-drinking on blood lipid in rats with hyperlipidemia

2.clinical observations of treatment in urinary calculus with Lithagogue decoction

3.clinical analysis of traditional chinese medicine Lithagogue decoction to treat ureter stone

4.[ result] phase i: the lithotriptic rate was 97.2%, the Lithagogue rate was 91.4%.

5.observation on therapeutic effect of holographic electroacupuncture Lithagogue technique on urolithiasis

6.conclusion it is effective to treat the patients with urinary stone by diuretic Lithagogue decoction.

7.the effects of self-made Lithagogue powders on urinary stones: report of 1375 cases

8.object: to probe into the curative effect of complex therapy of Lithagogue in treating cholelithiasis chole-cystolithiasis.

9.conclusion holographic electroacupuncture Lithagogue technique has the action of promoting Lithagogue.

10.methods diuretic Lithagogue decoction formulated through practice was used, once each day.

11.Lithagogue drinking had no preventive role for liver fatty degeneration.