Linguistic Sentence Examples | Use Linguistic in a sentence

1.all this may sound too clever by half to some ears, as if Linguistic sleight-of-hand can somehow overcome deep disagreements.

2.cultural context is an important Linguistic term to study the usage and functions of language.

3.spanish liberals sought to create Linguistic as well as administrative uniformity.

4.the author attempts to borrow general translation theories and Linguistic methodologies to analyze the translation of treaties.

5.body language and Linguistic communication is a corresponding concept.

6.pragmatics is the study of Linguistic acts and the contexts in which they are performed.

7.only the possessor of a good Linguistic memory, or better still, a thick notebook, can fully realize the truth of this statement.

8.polysemy is the Linguistic phenomenon of two or more related meanings with a single Linguistic form.

9.this paper analyzes the proverbs in terms of their Linguistic features and cultural connotations.

10.Linguistic context, situational context and sociocultural context have significant restrictive effects upon speech and its comprehension. opens up new geographic, Linguistic and political spaces for action as well as contemplation.

12.the Linguistic and phonetic disparities between chinese and english lead to differences of auditory perception.

13.language is the contrastive combination of the language system and the Linguistic phenomena.

14.their language is regarded as something of a Linguistic "fossil" and one of the oldest and most "pure" inuit dialects.

15.keep the conversation off Linguistic matters.

16.when a book goes into translation, all those Linguistic subtleties get lost. a critical discourse, hermeneutics has involved a Linguistic paradigm.

18.the distinctions between latin america and anglo america are not merely Linguistic but also cultural.

19.the study of the geographical distribution of Linguistic features.

20.a Linguistic process by which one of two similar sounds in a word becomes less like the other. possesses an integrated system of knowledge complete with Linguistic symbols, grammar, and text.

22.and their language and Linguistic competence should be improved. present day english new Linguistic facts abound which do not always square with the accepted rules of grammar.

24.the word is said to be a Linguistic unit that has a single meaning.

25.syntactic and semantic processing from a Linguistic and an algorithmic perspective.

26.for some, i imagine, this would be a disconcerting, frustrating experience, but i quickly got used to this Linguistic interzone.

27.the ability to write is a supreme test of Linguistic competence.

28.modern Linguistics emerged as a distinct field in the nineteenth century.

29.f. d saussure's arbitrariness of Linguistic sign is of great significance and of controversies as well in the history of Linguistics.

30.foreignization and domestication concern two hierarchies: cultural content and Linguistic form.

31.euphemism is a common Linguistic phenomenon in the use of language.

32.strategies for dealing with the Linguistic and cultural differences in literary translation;

33.pragmatics and semantics are both Linguistic studies of meaning, but they are different. the circles of modern western Linguistic philosophy, the question on how the meaning fixes its reference is always controversial.

35.a Linguistic analysis is made of nominal substitution, which is classified in this paper into three categories.

36.therefore, markedness is valuable for various levels of Linguistic analysis.

37.Linguistic transference is only the surface of translation while culture exchange is the essence of translation.

38.methods for processing Linguistic information and the underlying computational properties of natural languages. shows a great deal of literary structuring, including a strong element of Linguistic features based upon the number seven. his book, he advanced the idea of Linguistic patterns.