Limpidity Sentence Examples | Use Limpidity in a sentence

1.the Limpidity and simplicity in her eyes never leave her.

2.stand body, double vibration low-sounding, Limpidity key-press, seven color dazzles the colored lantern.

3.but how could the danube compare with such Limpidity?

4.the light fell on the wall, where Limpidity like gauze, she can looked in the house.

5.and her eyes too looked lighter, almost pale in their youthful Limpidity.

6.greed is the impetus of corporate fraud, integrity, justice, Limpidity and responsibility are basic to corporate sustainable growth.

7.autumn is a poem, autumn is a painting, autumn is a song, autumn is a beautiful dream. beautiful autumn, the beauty is Limpidity .

8.the whole factory, as a system, can realize automation. information communications in the factory can be vertically Limpidity by using digital communication network technology so as to realize perfect profits.

9.jiuzhaigou has 108 "haiti" of varying sizes and shapes , but of invariant Limpidity to the bottom of the lakes .

10.the absolute being farmland form, such as hillock, soft and beautiful its water, the Limpidity of the water.

11.furthermore, i also insist the following views: the basic premise and the essential requirements of establishing more governing structure of business entity are Limpidity property rights and owners on their duty.

12.paradise island has many aquatic villas, they are surrounded by the Limpidity sea.

13.on dining table, when haizi's eyes firstly looked at my pupils, i felt that he was inspecting me, it was an instant only, and his eyes were at a loss from Limpidity.

14.there are some resemblances of Limpidity and mystery between weian ′ s prose of the natural world and the taoist school ′ s landscape literature.

15.they felt a world that high speed with quite Limpidity flows to change, and canned not find the existence of the oneself.

16.the trait of this technology shields the differences of the programming languages, network protocols and oss and provids some Limpidity.

17.the study and industrial device for improving the Limpidity of the liquid flavors by using membrane filter technique