Liken Sentence Examples | Use Liken in a sentence 13:18 he said therefore, what is the kingdom of god like, and to what shall i Liken it?

2.educators often Liken the brain to a muscle, because it functions better with exercise.

3.this has encouraged analysts to Liken the potential boost for the global economy to a huge programme of quantitative easing.

4.analysts at wood mackenzie Liken the deal to finding 'a new europe' for gazprom. he wrote of his parables: we may Liken the false to the true for the purpose of moral instruction.

6.i would Liken you to a night without star were it not for your eyes. i would Liken you to a sleep without dreams were it not for your songs.

7.scottish tory peer has accused alex salmond of seeking to sabotage a westminster-backed independence referendum – as another lord appeared to Liken the first minister to robert mugabe.

8.i could Liken real madrid's situation with england, with that of manchester united, arsenal and liverpool compared to chelsea.

9.why, if one wants to compare life to anything, one must Liken it to being blown through the tube at fifty miles an hour& landing at the other end without a single hairpin in one's hair!

10.these days, some people might Liken using a pc without a virus scanner on the'net to wandering naked through a village that was recently infected with plague.

11.and jesus said, to what then shall i Liken the men of this generation, and what are they like?

12.once upon a time, when apple was mainly a computer manufacturer, people used to Liken it to bmw.

13.i Liken the body blueprint concept to covey's "sharpening the saw" and continuous renewal through the "learn, commit, and do" upward spiral.

14.some may even Liken the rising window line to a bmw, although the comparison might be a bit of a stretch. way of thinking about chinese currency policy is to Liken it to a form of industrial policy.

16.and again he said, whereunto shall i Liken the kingdom of god?

17.i Liken joining the cast in the4th season to starting at a new high school.

18.ostriches are descendants of dinosaurs, and the researchers Liken ostrich movements to those of bipedal dinosaurs.

19.are we praising a person or not when we Liken him to a tiger?

20.the hunter you could Liken to the prototypical ranger.

21.rather, the fetus takes root in the mother with actions so aggressive that some biologists Liken it to a cancer invading the body. its hydrodynamic behavior, we can Liken the dense phase to a liquid.

23.i would Liken you to a sleep without dreams were it not for your songs.

24.some even quietly Liken fukushima to the devastating asteroid strike that doomed the dinosaurs and gave rise to more advanced species.

25.we often Liken the heart to a pump.

26.i am Liken to a grain of wheat with one difference. a lot of ways, you can Liken it to being on the stage, when you don't have all the stimulus you get when you're on location shooting a film. can Liken the new consensus for ascension as the first steps towards ongoing communication between all conscious and sentient species upon all dimensions in eons of time.

29.and he said, how shall we Liken the kingdom of god, or in what parable shall we present it?

30.a tiger is one of the most powerful animals in the wild. are we praising a person or not when we Liken him to a tiger? that depends.

31.when we Liken the'key'to'resolution'and the'lock'to'difficulty or problem ', then one key can be for one lock only.

32.but whereunto shall i Liken this generation? it is like unto children sitting in the markets, and calling unto their fellows.

33.many researchers Liken it to addiction, and some think it has been a growing problem in the modern consumerism society.

34.scientists Liken their function to the plastic tips on the ends of shoelaces, and say that lifespan is linked to their length.

35.those economists, like new york times columnist paul krugman, who Liken confidence to an imaginary fairy have failed to learn from decades of economic research on expectations.

36.and again he said, to what shall i Liken the kingdom of god?

37.she Likens marriage to slavery