Lignin Sentence Examples | Use Lignin in a sentence

1.dye dispersant was synthesized using kraft Lignin as raw material.

2.the heat and chemicals inside the digester causes the Lignin to dissolve without breaking down the wood fibers.

3.freshly blown pulp turns a reddish brown when exposed to air, on account of oxidation of Lignin and coloring matter remaining in the pulp. the chemical composition of raw bamboo, hemicellulose and Lignin have relatively high contents.

5.the cellulose, the hemi cellulose and the Lignin are the principal constituent of apple marc.

6.researchers have previously tried to get around the problem by genetically decreasing the Lignin content in plants.

7.with its unique blend of pronutri-Lignin*, this newspaper may help to weaken the appearance of fine lines.

8.optimal conditions for preparation of active Lignin oxide by oxidizing black-liquor Lignin with nitric acid were studied.

9.Lignin extraction can be improved through adding the paper pulp cleaning agent into a clean area (212) and a paper pulp cleaning part (30). a company specializing in the production of road use and Lignin fibers used in construction of large enterprises.

11.this gene produces a protein that inserts itself between two Lignin molecules when the Lignin polymer is created.

12.ftir analysis was carried out on these liquefaction compositions to illuminate the liquefaction regularities and mechanisms of cellulose, hemicellulose and Lignin of wood.

13.Lignin has been applied in epoxy resin to improve the thermal and mechanical properties of epoxy resin. on enzymatic hydrolysis Lignin modified phenol formaldehyde resin

15.extraction and structure analysis of wheat straw Lignin from papermaking black liquor on making Lignin-quaternary amic salt flocculant from Lignin.

17.the combinatorial separation of hemicellulose, Lignin and cellulose of bssf is primarily studied.

18.the complex structures of the straw's cellulose and Lignin components make it hard for the microorganisms to break them down. and uv spectrums obtained showed that the Lignin extracted by this method kept original structure.

20.the casparian strip in roots and some stems contains suberin, Lignin, or similar substances. on extraction Lignin from black liquor of straw pulping

22."Lignin is going to be one of the big drivers of the switch from oil -based to biobased products, " he predicted.

23.influence of cellulose and Lignin contents on the pyrolysis and combustion feature of sawdust and straw

24.experiment research on synthesis of additive by chemical conversion of Lignin sulfonate introduced.

25.the microwave irradiation ( mi) process to extract acetic acid Lignin from straw had been studied.

26.Lignin content and composition are two important agronomic traits for the utilization of agricultural residues. order to effectively biodegrade Lignin, Lignin-degrading bacteria screening and fiber material treatment with cellulase were conducted.

28.result showed that organic substances in black liquor were oxidized by mae through opening the aromatic rings of Lignin.

29.structural change of fast-growing eucalyptus Lignin during kp pulping and oxygen delignification

30.similar to other plants, cellulose, hemicellulose and Lignin are the main chemical constituents of this plant.

31.therefore, sfp Lignin and its modified products can be used as a thinning and foaming agent for drilling fluids, as wells a fl. . .

32.Lignin and small amounts of un-hydrolyzed cellulose and hemi-cellulose are the residues of sawdust hydrolysis.

33.this material includes cellulose, hemicelluloses, pectin, and Lignin.

34.corn straw consists mainly of cellulose, hemicellulose and Lignin, it is a abundant of renewable resource.

35.different methods for determination of cellulose, hemi-cellulose and Lignin in rice hull were introduced.

36.the relationship between Lignin content and relative absorptivity of ir-spectra of korean pine are studied.

37.the polyurethane was synthesized by modified Lignin substituting part of glycol and toluene diisocyananate or diphenylmethane diisocyanate. the early stages of a sulfite cook, equal parts of cellulose and Lignin appear to be removed.