Lexicon Sentence Examples | Use Lexicon in a sentence

1.differences between chinese and english: the perspective of generative Lexicon

2.yes, i can understand your Lexicon translation.

3.the present study aims to investigate the nature and development pattern of l2 mental Lexicon through word association tests.

4.today lets take a look at some police-related vocabulary that would be good to add to you english Lexicon.

5.as a language can reflect a given culture, Lexicon in a language will inevitably have cultural connotation.

6.the first experiment and second experiment discuss the mental Lexicon of written language between cantonese and mandarin.

7.it is the act of conveying literal meaning by means of syntax, Lexicon and phonology.

8.on enlightenment of mental Lexicon on college english vocabulary teaching

9.expanding your Lexicon in this technical field will help you a great deal.

10.without doubt, this Lexicon is one of the largest domestic Lexicons available with the most detailed descriptions of newborn chinese words.

11.a comparative study of positive transferability in receptive and productive english Lexicon acquisition processes

12.its Lexicon derives primarily from western european languages, while its syntax and morphology show strong slavic influences.

13.kaifu is a relative moderate in the japanese political Lexicon.

14.the study of bilingual mental Lexicon has now been a major concern in second language acquisition and psycholinguistic research.

15.the present study will investigate the effect of paraphrase on restructuring the second language mental Lexicon.

16.of or relating to lexicography or a Lexicon.

17.then he found a job as one of two full-time linguists at Lexicon.

18.the intent is to make it easier for you to explore the wizarding world using the harry potter Lexicon's many encyclopedias and catalogs.

19."they have a Lexicon, just a giant word list, and they find the word most similar to what the recognizer produces, " he says.

20.the factors that will affect the access of the mental Lexicon can be summed up to cognitive restriction and pragmatic restriction.

21.fortunately, the development of linguistics, especially the field theory and the theory of mental Lexicon, has offered theoretical support to thesaurus compilation.

22.categorization in mental Lexicon is an intriguing phenomenon.

23.diplomatic stagecraft is a fine art, complete with its own Lexicon of codes and cues.

24.this includes not only the language supported, but also the Lexicon purpose.

25.design and implementation of concept Lexicon in machine translation system

26.it is now integrated to the nim lpp_source Lexicon.

27.the realization of referential metonymy in language is nouns in Lexicon.

28.lexical collocation information is the important content of teaching and learning of english Lexicon.

29.chocolate equals sin in most people's Lexicon.

30.hence, the Lexicon of the black english is determined by black culture.

31.an empirical study of mental Lexicon organization: evidence from free recall

32.l2 mental Lexicon; word association test; vocabulary teaching;

33.yet his name had come down in the history of the ring, and no sporting writer's Lexicon was complete without it.

34.it's part of a special Lexicon that has emerged, over the past decade, as a sort of shorthand for men's fashion.

35.it is well acknowledged that the Lexicon accumulation is the key factor that decides the smooth communication.

36.a new word segmentation system based on phraseology is proposed, and the corresponding word segmentation Lexicon is designed.

37.official language of the philippines; based on tagalog; draws its Lexicon from other philippine languages.

38.the data were discussed in relation to theories of Lexicon structure and lexical processing of children.

39.the word "compromise" is deleted from his Lexicon and life becomes about his way or the highway.

40.the position taken in much earlier work, that the Lexicon is idiosyncratic and is acquired piece by piece, simply cannot be maintained.