Leghorn Sentence Examples | Use Leghorn in a sentence

1.nine groups of 20 white Leghorn spf chickens were housed in isolators under negative pressure.

2.in this state of mutual understanding, they reached Leghorn.

3.60-week-old white Leghorn laying hens were used to study the effect of feeding oils rich in fatty acid different in number and position of double bond to laying hens on the lipid content and fatty acid composition of egg yolk.

4.on another occasion during manoeuvres at Leghorn in1804 a french soldier fired his ramrod, which accidentally killed a civilian spectator.

5.( and if not ok, then at least comic.) remember the cartoon rooster foghorn Leghorn?

6.as he had twenty times touched at Leghorn, he remembered a barber in st. ferdinand street; he went there to have his beard and hair cut.

7.arrived at Leghorn, he repaired to the house of a jew, a dealer in precious stones, to whom he disposed of four of his smallest diamonds for five thousand francs each.

8.effect of ambient temperatures on some plasma components and enzymes activity of Leghorn breeder cocks

9.proper allowance of calcium and phosphorus for white Leghorn layers

10.the effects of calcium phosphorus levels on egg shell quality were experimented in white Leghorn type shaver-288 laying hen 147-300 days of age for three years.

11.the Leghorn barber said nothing and went to work.

12.the results showed that the nearest genetic relationships between Leghorn originated in italy and ross brown with english origin.

13.a city of north-central italy near the ligurian sea north of Leghorn.

14.gemma would never learn to flirt and simperand captivate tourists and baldheaded shipowners, like the other english girls in Leghorn.

15.he had scarcely been a week at Leghorn before the hold of his vessel was filled with printed muslins, contraband cottons, english powder, and tobacco on which the excise had forgotten to put its mark.

16.we had been to lucca to take in oil, to Leghorn for english cottons, and we ran our cargo without opposition, and returned home full of joy.

17.the deduced amino acid sequences were compared with strains kestrel, obese and sc Leghorn chickens from genbank.

18.month to month variation in egg yolk cholesterol in white Leghorn during their second year of production

19.he in trusted his luggage to a fellow-student and went to Leghorn on foot.

20.the report notes that breeds such as high-yielding holstein-friesian cows and white Leghorn chickens have been used in preference of rare breeds.

21.the effect of removal of external ca 2+ on phosphoinositide hydrolysis was investigated in cultured myotubes from 9 day old Leghorn embryonic chicken.

22.a pair of primers were synthesized, and related rt-pcr assay was established to detect the western equine encephalitis virus ( weev) in experimentally infected mosquitoes and Leghorn chicken.

23.four week old white Leghorn male chicks were used to study the effect of dietary fatty acids with different number and position of double bond on the content and fatty acid composition of lipids in the liver and serum of growing chicks.

24.the effect of dietary calcium and phosphorus levels on egg production and egg shell quality of beijing white Leghorn layer

25.white Leghorn slow- feathering selection of synthesized line

26.but that on his arrival at Leghorn he had come into possession of a large fortune, left him by an uncle, whose sole heir he was.

27.i will pay twenty-five piastres for my passage back to Leghorn.

28.two kinds of typical poultry& Leghorn and duck were selected to study the relationship between feather structure, surface lipids and wettability by means of scanning electron microscopy, computer photograph analysis system and contact angle measurement.

29.he went on board and the ship sailed for Leghorn.

30.as he had twenty times touched at Leghorn, he remembered a barber in st.

31.so they found that the white Leghorn was nearly perfect for that.

32.yunnan style chicken soup an experimental study of photodynamic effect of hypocrelline b liposome on Leghorn cock comb

33.the eggs of Leghorn were irradiated with different dosage of laser before incubation.

34.this was a curious contrast to the grave and silent arthur of pisa or Leghorn.

35.the master was to get all this out of Leghorn free of duties, and land it on the shores of corsica, where certain speculators undertook to forward the cargo to france.