Lazy Sentence Examples | Use Lazy in a sentence

1.her father will never approve of her marrying such a Lazy fellow.

2.the small river meandered in Lazy curves down the centre

3.i am a little busy this week, and a little Lazy. the blog has not been renewed for a week.

4.what the hell, i thought, at least it will give the Lazy old man some exercise.

5.what can we do to urge these Lazy workers to greater production?

6.sam was a very active sort of person and could not bear to see the Lazy fellow idling about in the office this afternoon.

7.shareholders are, perhaps, too weak to be able to turn anger into outcome, but they may also be Lazy, or complicit.

8.'yous two are no' gettin 'paid,' he said. 'ye're too Lazy!'

9.the mother criticized her son for being too Lazy.

10.he is a Lazy fellow.

11.of all the Lazy, indifferent, unbusinesslike attitudes to have!

12.we would have a Lazy lunch and then lie on the beach in the sun.

13.her latest novel is perfect for a Lazy summer's afternoon reading

14.she went out in the dark to the woodpile. she picked up the top bundle of the Lazy man's green wood.

15.the bald truth is that he is Lazy.

16.john was too Lazy to work and too proud to beg. all fairness he had to admit that she was neither dishonest nor Lazy

18.she characterized him as Lazy and selfish.

19.for those not familiar with the song, it concerns a Lazy farmer who complains about said hole and is told by his wife to fix it.

20.with children as Lazy as these, you have to beat the facts in.

21.Lazy: but i want her to go with me! you see, if i go there without her, then i won't enjoy myself!

22.he is a good student, only that he is a little Lazy.

23.he is a gluttonous and Lazy guy.

24.he is inclined to be Lazy.

25.they are often stigmatized by the rest of society as Lazy and dirty.

26.the following wind and eastward running tide had given us a very pleasant, Lazy sail.

27.Lazy and incompetent police officers are letting the public down

28.i was too Lazy to learn how to read music.

29.he would not demean himself to a Lazy worker.

30.the Lazy student cribbed the composition off me.

31.time of the poor is valueless, even sometimes is spare and they do not know how to kill the time and how to Lazy away without troubles.

32.he was a miserable scamp, a sort of mendicant musician, a Lazy beggar, who beat her, and who abandoned her as she had taken him, in disgust.

33.the Lazy man was a parasite on his family.

34.she calls me Lazy and selfish certainly hit the mark when you said that he was Lazy.

36.he is Lazy in the study of english. such a night, like me, you are not alone into a beautiful, Lazy in the inability to look for tomorrow's surprise?

38.he roused himself from his Lazy contemplation of the scene beneath him

39.Lazy, is perhaps the common problem, and the Lazy habit of me, it was often slow down the pace, nothing has no effect.