Labelling Sentence Examples | Use Labelling in a sentence

1.and perform the qc final check of Labelling and packaging.

2.thus opens another chapter in a long history of Labelling.

3.this lack of Labelling information, including appropriate warnings, may lead to serious injury.

4.i've just spent a whole day Labelling all the items.

5.for example, property developers can avoid lending restrictions by Labelling their buildings green or energy efficient.

6.changes to Labelling requirements for products and packaging.

7.this could easily lead to misuse especially as the Labelling was not good.

8.if women are to become self-main, she must be like a man, like all those who go beyond the limited definition of her, Labelling and nature.

9.the cigarettes and other tobacco products ( packaging and Labelling) act makes it mandatory for all tobacco manufacturers to mention the percentage of nicotine and tar in their products.

10.globally harmonized system of classification and Labelling of chemicals

11.and packaging and Labelling requirements directly related to food safety.

12.the concern with stigma fits well into a broader and older concern with deviance and its Labelling . Labelling the occupy movement "anti-capitalist" , those who do not want reforms have been able to avoid the real debate.

14.furthermore, the cap? system boasts impressive Labelling performance, similar to that of the paper label. of the draft standards up for consideration, on vitamin and mineral Labelling, has caused controversy recently.

16.packaging and Labelling of tobacco products;

17.the reform will also bring in new simpler Labelling laws.

18.the committee noted that consumers might want to see effective Labelling to be able to distinguish such products.

19.Labelling is a start, but the government is prepared to look at all proactive options leading up to a total ban. restrictions on certain fragrance ingredients and Labelling requirements for others, where permitted.

21.some food Labelling practices really get my back up.

22.analysis of eu new classification, Labelling and packaging regulation

23.establishing a system to release or reject raw materials, intermediates, packaging and Labelling materials;

24.i'm starting to have my doubts about carbon Labelling.

25.a high-speed Labelling machine has stopped off in london on its journey from the us to australia for an upgrade by newman Labelling systems.

26.when you buy prepackaged food, do you check the food Labelling or not?

27.these changes enable the spatial and temporal optical Labelling and tracking of living cells, organelles and intracellular molecules.

28.and where vegetables and fruit are often sold from carts, how can the government ensure proper Labelling?

29.second, are regulation and Labelling issues.

30.Labelling and instructions for the use of the drugs must be in a language that is understood in lebanon.

31.the invention provides a Labelling machine for container. the machine has a drive, a conveying device for a container and a labeling device.

32.supermarket operators also recently started Labelling healthy products.

33.just a segmentation and pos Labelling corpora is needed. both indicate that the method is appropriate for chinese. there an industry accepted method for Labelling compliant products? requires no environmental Labelling according to eu legislation and has no bioaccumulation.

36.these provisions set international standards on tobacco price and tax increases, tobacco advertising and sponsorship, Labelling, illicit trade and second-hand smoke.

37.rivals that of flexographic label printers, while its high-speed direct-digital printing reduces turnaround time for Labelling.

38.desiring however to ensure that technical regulations and standards, including packaging, marking and Labelling requirements, and procedures for assessment of conformity with technical regulations and standards do not create unnecessary obstacles to international trade;

39.thanks to a new eu directive, insecticide Labelling will be more specific. it private Labelling if you wish.